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Beach clean-up at Sandy Hook

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  • Luandra Santos
    Hi Everyone, How s everyone doing? Hope you are all having a great summer! We are planning on attending a beach clean-up at Sandy Hook on Monday August 13,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2007
      Hi Everyone,
      How's everyone doing? Hope you are all having a great summer! We are planning on attending a beach clean-up at Sandy Hook on Monday August 13, 2007 starting at 9am til 12:30 pm. We need volunteers!!!!! Please come out and support our chapter, the more the merrier. Guys don't think that we will only be cleaning up the beach, there will also be a BBQ and picnic (free food) afterward, in addition to getting some sun (working on your tan)  and splashing in the beach. What better way to close off your summer while doing a good deed.. For anyone interested in helping out or in need of more information  you can either email or contact Annmarie, our President or Shay, our VP of Fellowship. Also, for anyone who is interested we need to have an estimate of how many people will be attending this event by July 26th. Hope to see you all there
      Here a letter with more information on the beach clean up received by Shay, our VP of Fellowship:
      Dear New Jersey Phi Theta Kappa Members,
                  As new Phi Theta Kappa presidents and vice-presidents take office this summer throughout New Jersey , it seems that we are all entering a new era of responsibility to our chapters and to our communities.  The time has come for us to put our minds together and focus on the task at hand.  What better way to kick the summer off than with the First Annual New Jersey Summer Beach Fellowship!
                  I welcome you, New Jersey Phi Theta Kappa chapters, to join together in an effort to begin to clean up New Jersey as part of Operation “Go Green”.  This summer, we will merge fellowship and service together in order to clean up one of our most precious state parks:  The Jersey Shore at Sandy Hook .  Beaches in New Jersey are littered with cigarette butts, aluminum cans, plastic bags, containers, and a multitude of other trash that pollutes the beach for miles, and Phi Theta Kappa is going to do something about it!
                  The transitional period between summer classes and the fall semester is the perfect time for our chapters to join together for a beach cleanup.  The secondary objective for this event is the implementation of the 2007 – 2008 Adopt a Chapter Program.  Kaitlyn Tonti, the New Jersey State Phi Theta Kappa President, will introduce this important topic to our members before the cleanup begins.  How can a 5-Star Chapter help a smaller sister chapter?  What ideas about leadership and scholarship can be communicated through this bond?  What can be learned in the process?  These are the questions that the First Annual New Jersey Summer Beach Fellowship will begin to ask and answer. The integral cooperation of all chapters working together towards the same goal of helping the environment is the objective of this event.
                  The following is a scheduled itinerary for the date of the event, Monday, August 13th, 2007
      9:00am:            All chapters meet at “ Guardian Park ” at Sods Bank Beach in Sandy Hook .
      9:15am:            Phi Theta Kappa President, Kaitlyn Tonti speaks about the Adopt-A-Chapter Program, and Operation Green.
      10:00am:          Clean Ocean Air Organization representative, Anne Will, briefs Phi Theta Kappa members on the focus and purpose of the cleanup.
      10:30am:          Working pairs are chosen and cleanup commences.
      12:00pm:          Cleanup resumes.  Debriefing to follow.
      12:30pm:          Bar-B-Q and beach picnic!
                  The Clean Air Ocean Act organization will provide for us the cleanup tools, materials, and information we will need to get the job done.  Each chapter must provide its own means of transportation to and from the event.  Park entrance and parking fees will be waived for all volunteer groups.  Please remember to bring sunscreen and hard-soled sneakers or sandals for the cleanup.  Above all, dress for the weather!  Alpha Upsilon Epsilon chapter from Brookdale Community College and Alpha Epsilon Pi from Raritan Community College will provide all the food and refreshments for the Bar-B-Q picnic that is to follow.  Below is the information describing the day’s agenda and directions to the beach cleanup location.
                I hope that you will join us on this cleanup operation.  It fits conveniently into our service project and it’s also a perfect way to commence fellowship among New Jersey Phi Theta Kappa chapters so that we may work together to make a difference.  Please RSVP Bergen Community College’s Alpha Epsilon Phi’s Vice President of Fellowship, Angela Kelichner.
      Luandra Santos
      Vice President
      Alpha Theta Theta
      Phi Theta Kappa
      Essex County College

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