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604Textbook Swap Meet

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  • Luandra Santos
    Aug 31, 2007
      Hi Everyone,
      Hope you all had a good summer! School is around the corner, and to kick off the school year our chapter Alpha Theta Theta is having a Text Book Swap Meet which will be held every Wednesday in September starting with the Wednesday of September 12th. The swap meet will be taking place on the 4th floor next to the Bursar's office (Main Campus) from 10 am- 4pm. The swap meet is a fund raising activity for our chapter with the intend of helping out the students at ECC to get the books that they need through either swapping, selling or buying used textbooks. What happens is that students may swap, sell, or buy used         textbooks. In order for this event to be a successful one, we the cooperation and help of all you guys. We need volunteers to help out on Wednesdays at the table for the Swap Meet!!!!!!!!!! If anyone is interested let me know. Also, I know that we are all busy and if you can't volunteer your time there are other ways that you can help. Firstly, If any of you have textbooks from last semister or past semisters and is either looking to swap or sell your book, we'll sell them for you for whatever price you'll like. It's simply! Just stop by the Phi Theta Kappa office room 1167 (red area). All we ask is that the books must be latest edition, in good condition, and for a $5 donation for Phi Theta Kappa. Secondly, you can help us out by spreading the word about our Swap Meet, tell all your friends and fellow students at ECC about us.  
      If anyone has further questions feel free to contact me, Lu at 973 391 3195 or email me at santosluandra@... 
      Hope to see you all make at the Swap Meet, come check us out! You never know might find a book you need. Also, stop by the office and drop off books you wanna sell, we'll do you a favor and you'll make some money  .
      Luandra Santos
      Vice President
      Alpha Theta Theta
      Phi Theta Kappa
      Essex County College

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