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474Welcome home Kappans! Need Photos and Quick

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  • kgoldberg123
    Mar 4, 2007
      Hi all. I need o gt any photos you have from the past year from any
      events we did including regionals. I am trying to put together a
      slide show for induction but can't do it without your photos. So
      please end them directly to me. We are looking for everything. My
      email address is kgoldberg01@.... Because pictures can be big
      files when you send them I am including a link to a website that is
      free from goodle. All you have to do is download the software and
      install it.

      Here is the website: http://picasa.google.com/

      What you should first do is make a new folder and place all the
      pictres you want to send me it tht folder. Then open Picasa and you
      should see your folder with all the pictures in it.

      Next click on the folder once and you will see all your photos in the
      folder to in the main screen. Click on Export and a screen will come
      up. Where it says locaton of exported photos click the BROWSE button
      and choose your desktop. THat way when it is done exported them there
      will be a folder sitting right on your desktop with the images reduce
      in size. Click export and the job is done.

      If you have a lot of photos you can send them in more then one email.
      But if you ised this program you can send quite few in one email
      without it taking to long to upload.

      In case you don't know how to send photos in an attachment through
      email, please comtact me andI will walk you through it.

      Need them SOON, PLEASE!

      Thank you,