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255Online Fundraiser

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  • Nadene
    Oct 2, 2006
      Hi Kappans,
      Some of you have yet to register for the online fundraiser. Is it
      possible you thought that the invitation was coming from my email
      address? Well it is not. The sender of the registration form is
      CampusFundraiser. When you see that in you inbox you will know it is
      your invitation for the fundraiser. Thanks to all that have
      registered thus far-

      David Kariuki
      Sean Aladalese
      Charlie Doell
      Marion Nereah
      Ekundayo Ayegbeni
      Louella Harris
      Nadene Reid

      # of people invited - 19
      # of people registered - 7
      % of people registered - a little over 26%


      Two Students are Tossed from Panel for FraudÂ…..Groups Are Warned!=
      Unfortunately, we had our first two group members (students)
      eliminated from our panel due to fraud. It is extremely important
      that you make
      sure your group members are being honest in their survey responses
      and not trying to game the system. To protect the program for the
      vast majority
      ofhonest students, we have strict and uncompromising policies
      regarding fraud. Click here for our rules and policies
      www.campusfundraiser.com/surveyterms.asp. See an open letter to all
      group leaders and group members from the President of
      www.campusfundraiser.com/presidentsletter.asp .

      Don't let Fraud End Your Fundraiser Prematurely!

      Any questions email me at nadene_reid_ptk@...
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