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VA3AAR Moving over to XRF018B

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  • Andrew Webb
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2012
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      As you may have noticed the VA3AAR DSTAR modules have been bouncing around reflectors recently. In conjunction with the VA3ODG DSTAR group there has been some experimentation and testing of new reflectors recently due to some connectivity issues with REF016B and other issues related to some of the gateway coding.


      After some testing we feel that XRF018B is the better choice, the administer for that reflector is a local (Brent VE2BFW) and also Ramesh VA3UV will have access to this reflector. This is a great benefit as those two gurus will be able to better investigate if problems occur.


      VA3AAR is an open DSTAR repeater so please feel free to link/unlink whenever you wish to listen in on other reflectors or just have the repeater for local use. The unlink and link commands have not changed. There are now DTMF commands available for linking and unlinking, a simple 73 on your DTMF Pad will drop a link (similar to IRLP) and 99 will provide info on whether the repeater is linked. To maintain the great DSTAR coverage across Ottawa and Area shared between the various hotspots and VA3ODG you will find the VA3AAR modules linked to XRF018B most of the time, particularly during commuting hours.


      The VA3AAR Wednesday night net will still be held on VA3AAR B but will now be using XRF018B with all VA3AAR modules connected. In the event that the internet connection is down, the net will still be held locally on VA3AAR B (UHF) module. I am hoping that the Alberta hams that check-in will also follow us over to XRF018B on Wednesday nights (8:45pm EST) and continue to be a part of the AARC weekly net.


      I believe the OARDG Weekly Saturday morning 8:30 am EST will continue on VA3ODG C and REF016B until further notice.


      Kind regards




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