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621AARC Club Meeting February 12 - Proposed Agenda

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  • aprsman
    Feb 4, 2014
      Hello All,
      Below is the proposed agenda.
      Let me know if you wish any additions or changes.



      PROPOSED MEETING AGENDA FOR WEDNESDAY February 12, 2014 at 19.00 hours

      to be held at the Almonte Fire Hall

          1. Meeting call to order.

          2. Acceptance of minutes from December 11 meeting andactions arising.

          3. President's report

           4. Treasurer's report

           5. Repeater status (All FM and D-STAR)

           6. AGH EOC status and "to do" tasks

      a.      Grounding

      b.     5.8Ghz Link

      c.      70cm Data radio connection tests

      d.     Training program

         7. Membership Drive

          8. D-STAR initiative for CRAA (VE3STP) – Update

      a.      Develop Program for Trillium Funding application

           9. UHF Repeater – 2 available through Barrie VE3BSB –  Discuss modifications required

        10. VE3GM equipment donation – review VE3DMR list and suggested prices

       11. Donation to AGH Foundation

        12. AGH Fund Raiser in April – Sponsor Table?

        13. Walk  for Hub Hospice in May

        14. AOB

        15. Date of Next meeting