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619Looking for an Old computer

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  • dmr_rlo_66
    Feb 4, 2014

      Hello AARC-ians,


      I am a little embarassed to admit it (because a "select" few will laugh!) but I am looking for an old computer. And by old, I mean REALLY old  !!  :)  For my packet radio resurrection project, I need something with a bus speed way down around 60 - 100 Mhz. So this means something from the 486 era at the very least. A 386 would be fine too. I also need a computer with "real" serial ports. None of this USB crap !!  RS-232 all the way !!  :) 


      So if you have any old 486's in your shack being used as a book end or a shelf support, and you would like to see the end of it, please consider letting me take it off your hands.


      Yep, I was right. I can hear the laughter already !!  :)


      73,   Al    VE3DMR


      P.S.  My need has arisen because I just let all the smoke out of my old 486 laptop !!  :)


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