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580Message from President of OVMRC

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  • aprsman
    Nov 18 6:33 AM
      I received the following message from Sandy Haggart, President of the OVMRC.

      Let me have your views on this. The idea is sound but will require some effort by all clubs to make it happen.

      Message follows:

      The Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club (OVMRC) is embarking on an effort to advertise "Amateur Radio Club" activities within the Ottawa area.  Ottawa is fortunate to have a very diverse interest in, capabilities for and associated activities with amateur radio that deserve to be advertised. Unless we individually read the others newsletters the general amateur radio public doesn't know what's really happening.


      What I am asking is for your club, at your discretion, is to relay our club's announcements.  These announcements are expected to be one a month indicating our general meeting content, speaker or special event.  They will be simple, short and usually with an URL.   The OVMRC would be please to reciprocate and announce your club information through our Email process and newsletter, The Rambler.


      The intent is to spark cross club awareness and hopefully attendance not only for the OVMRC but for your club also.

      However first things first, would you be willing to participate in a trial run?


      Your comments, questions on this and/or related subjects are encouraged.



      Sandy Haggart/VE3HAZ

      OVMRC President