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441Winmor with RMSExpress

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  • va3pyc
    May 2, 2013
      Thanks to Dale for pointing us to RMSExpress. I got it configured with my IC-7200 (USB connection only as it has a built-in sound card). That said, I need some help.

      I have posted an email to my outbox in Winlink/Winmor. I then "Open a Session" with "Wimor WL2K". When the new windows for the session open, I then make a channel selection, wait until it's free and then "start" my connection. RMSExpress is controlling my rig as expected, and I have set up the parameters to the best of my knowledge using the help documents.

      The problem is that after I establish a connection and the program goes to "SENDID" the whole process aborts, and I get an error message: Failure with CALLSIGN of Channel

      Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?

      I'm going to read more documentation, and I have joined the Winmor Yahoo group, but if you can help me solve this problem without all of this research, I'd be grateful. It seems like I'm close to sending this email via HF, but . . .

      tim va3pyc
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