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1New D-STAR 1.2 GHz Modules, Improved UHF B Module, DSTAR Net and Internet Stream

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  • AlmonteARC-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Apr 5, 2012
      The 1.2 GHz Digital Voice and "High Speed" Data Module are now operational at the Union Hall Site. The 1.2GHz Digital Voice module is currently linked to REF016A along with the VA3ODG 1.2 GHz Digital Voice Module. This is by no means permenant or a rule but more to help generate some more activity between the two 1.2 GHz Almonte/Ottawa repeaters. Feel free to unlink etc.

      The UHF B module was moved from a Yagi (pointed toward Ottawa) to a 4 bay antenna at the top of the tower, UHF coverage has improved considerably. Reception reports welcome. The VA3AAR B module is now linked to REF016B along with the various Dstar hotspots and VA3ODG B.

      Reminder of the Saturday morning OARDG D-STAR Net held at 08:30am local time. The net is hosted on VA3ODG C module which is linked to REF016C and can also be heard on VA3AAR VHF C module which to will be automatically linked to REF016C on Saturday mornings between 08:15am to 10:00am.

      Any questions please feel free to email me directly or post here in the group as your question may be quite helpful to others also.

      73 de Andrew VE6EN
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