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RE: [Allison-Seminar] A local apocalypticist?

  • Bob Schacht
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      Thanks again for your patient and thoughtful responses to my questions.
      On XTalk today, Mike Grondin raised an issue that we have kicked around on
      that list once before, which has a bearing on your interest in apocalyptic
      (granting all the usual caveats about the word).

      The issue at hand was Jesus' prophecy about the destruction of the Temple,
      and how it was to be understood. To quote from his post,

      >In the other direction lies the assumption that Jesus was speaking
      >about the temple (even if he referred to it as "this house"). Was he
      >_predicting_ or _prophecying_ the destruction of the temple? If so,
      >he could hardly have used the "I" locution. But also, could he have
      >envisioned a cataclysm about to engulf Judea, but not the rest of
      >the world? A local apocalypticist, so to speak? I really have
      >trouble seeing how Crossan, for example, can believe that this
      >saying is a prediction of the destruction of the temple, but yet
      >that Jesus didn't envision some more general cataclysm of which that
      >would have been but a part.

      I think in an earlier discussion, we were kicking around the idea (if I
      remember correctly) that Jesus' apocalyptic horizon was more local than,
      say, Paul's?

      At any rate, I don't recall that you dealt with the idea of localized
      apocalypse in your chapter. Or is that a contradiction in terms?

      Robert M. Schacht, Ph.D.
      Northern Arizona University
      Flagstaff, AZ
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