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Sacred Earth Gathering

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  • Jade and Luthien
    Please spread the word about this event. If you or your group would like to present a workshop, contact us ASAP! We are very Interested in PRACTICAL
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2004
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      Please spread the word about this event.
      If you or your group would like to present
      a workshop, contact us ASAP! We are very
      Interested in PRACTICAL presentations on
      all aspects of alternative energy, sustainable
      systems, permaculture, and solar/wind ecotech.
      This is a great chance to so some intergroup
      and interpersonal networking ……….

      Memorial Day Weekend - May 28/31, 2004 CE
      "4 days and 3 nights of love and awakening"

      CELEBRATING - the sanctity of the Web of
      Life and the power of Cooperative Community

      INVITING - real people of all ages from all walks
      of life who are sincerely seeking to reconnect with
      nature and restore the Web of Life: common sense
      individuals, wise folk with answers, stewards of
      nature, healers, midwives, herbalists, creative
      artists & musicians, visionaries & mystics, shamans
      & magicians, witches & wizards, light workers,
      planet planters, freedom activists, global citizens
      - singles and families welcome!

      AEON 3 will be held at a 175 acre secluded nature
      sanctuary hidden in the green hills of Southern Indiana

      WORKSHOPS - AEON 3 will be a deep learning
      experience offering high quality education sessions
      for all ages and levels of experience. Potential
      workshop presenters should contact AEON before
      March 21st, 2004 so we may get you on the schedule.
      Several workshop/discussion topic examples listed below:

      Child Track (under 12): cooperative games, recycled
      arts & crafts, face painting, faerie theater, myth making,
      story telling, sacred song and dance, nature hikes, mask
      making, and more

      Youth Track (12+): tribal drumming, understanding
      and applying mythology, May pole dancing, design &
      become your magical character, survival skills for the
      future, basic meditation, reading tarot cards,
      communicating with god/dess, taking your place in
      the Web of Life, fundamentals of wise crafting …

      Mature Track (21+): midwives of the future,
      technology for self-sufficient living, sacred sexuality
      & tantra, cooperative economics & communities,
      practical elemental magic, alternative healing modalities,
      rediscovering the child within, advanced trance techniques,
      political conspiracies & secret societies …

      PERFORMANCES - It is too early to name the bands
      but we guarantee that they will be some of the best in
      the region. If your group would like to play at AEON
      3, send a CD demo & bio before March 21st, 2004 …

      CEREMONIES - May Pole fertility weaving, entering
      the Temple of the Gods, binding the Dark Forces of the
      Apocalypse, plus nightly bonfires/tribal drum & trance
      dance circles,. If you would like to facilitate a
      sacred ceremony, please contact AEON
      with an outline before March 21st, 2004 …

      CAMPING - This is a primitive camping experience
      in a woodland environment- BYO shelter: tent, tipi,
      yurt, port-a-dome, van, camper, small RV (no hook-ups).
      Large RVs and busses will not make it over the bridge.
      Hot showers, port-a-johns, drinking water, and firewood
      are provided. Bring candles for night lighting. No electric
      generators or bright gas lanterns. Please leave your pets
      at home or with a friend.
      Skyclad in nudist circle area only. No weapons or violence!

      NETWORKING - If you facilitate a temple, club, pod,
      sphere, coven, or other magickal-spiritual organization,
      please feel free to set up a display, pass out your literature,
      and promote your perspective. Please help to network
      this event! Spread the word.

      VENDING - Vending at your campsite is welcome.
      Bartering, trading, & selling of crafts and services
      encouraged. BYO canopies and displays. There is a
      $25 vending fee for commercial operations.

      FOOD - low cost high quality food will be
      available for a fair price or BYO

      RECYCLING AND TRASH - If you bring it with
      you, take it home for recycling. Bring a trash bag.
      No cigarette butts or litter on the ground. Care for
      the Holy Earth so SHe can care for you.
      Be a good steward.

      REGISTRATION (per person)
      11 & younger and 65 & older: free of charge
      commercial merchants add $25 per booth to registration fees
      AEON Stewards deduct $20 from reg. costs
      REGISTER EARLY for much better rates!

      before February 2nd, 2004:
      $40 (12-20 yrs) - $65 (adult)
      before March 21st, 2004:
      $55 (12-20 yrs) - $80 (adult)
      before May 1st, 2004:
      $70 (12-20 yrs) - $100 (adult)
      at-the-gate: $90 (12-20 yrs) - $120 (adult)

      Make check or money order payable to:
      ODONATA - PO Box 2055,
      Bedford, Indiana 47421
      Include name, address, and age of EVERYONE
      attending. Include a self-addressed stamped
      envelope to receive tickets and a map to the site.

      PROCEEDS - 50% of the proceeds of AEON 3
      will be donated to AEON Sanctuaries, Inc. for the
      establishment of the ANDOR (Earthgate) Nature
      sanctuary and Ecology Ark project.

      CONTACT - email: aeonarc@...
      website: http://www.magickmonkey.com
      Andor Projex think tank - all age group::
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