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EV news from 4EVRiders.org (EV charging locator for iPhone coming soon)

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    http://www.4evriders.org - Charging Locator and News on EV and Plug-in Hybrids EV charging locator for USA and UK on iPhone coming next week! 2010 EV and
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2010
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      http://www.4evriders.org - Charging Locator and News on EV and Plug-in Hybrids

      EV charging locator for USA and UK on iPhone coming next week!
      2010 EV and Plug-in Predictions by 4EVRiders.org: http://www.4evriders.org/2010/03/4evriders-org-2010-ev-and-plug-in-hybrid-predictions/
      References: http://www.4evriders.org/references/ (new 2/27/2010)


      Lutz: GM Research Reveals 83% Would Prefer Volt over 100 Mile EV)
      A dozen Chinese companies are developing electric vehicles for mass production
      USA: As oil spill nears Gulf Coast, experts issue dire warnings
      Sion Power ARPA-E Project Targeting Li-S Battery With 600 Wh/kg and 1,000 Cycles by 2016
      Nissan Canada Charges Up Nissan LEAF Canadian Consumer Website
      UK: Council drive for electric cars
      USA: Biden to Longmont audience: Stimulus is working
      Race is on to build electric vehicle charging stations
      Mitsubishi and Tokyo Institute of Technology Developing EV Smart Charging from Wind Turbines
      Nissan Leaf projected to be in the black
      Plan B: California Braces for Climate Change
      USA: 11 charging stations designed to refuel EVs with renewable energy
      USA: Automotive X Prize: Aptera completes the handling test, West Philly triumphs
      2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid – First Drive Review
      Los Angeles Lures Chinese Auto Firm .
      USA: Gulf Coast braces for an oily mess
      Nissan's `Leaf' brings jobs, electric cars to Tucson
      Research and Markets: Hybrid and Pure Electric Cars 2010-2020 – Detailed & up to Date Critical Analysis of Both Pure & Hybrid EV Cars Worldwide
      Europe: Companies Form German Network of Competence for Li-ion Batteries
      USA: 2011 Nissan Leaf First Drive

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      References: http://www.4evriders.org/references/ (new 2/27/2010)
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