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Re: [All-E] Coal puts out more rads than Nuclear

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  • Wayne Gage
    Your ignorance is a real groaner. Get some info before spouting nonsense. ... they do ... should do ... and stop
    Message 1 of 130 , Dec 1, 2008
      Your ignorance is a real groaner. Get some info before spouting

      --- In All-Energy@yahoogroups.com, Rick H Parker <rick@...> wrote:
      > David
      > Recycle! ... Why the hell for?
      > They underutilized the fuel the first time what make you think
      they do
      > any better the second time.
      > Rick H Parker
      > David Walters wrote:
      > > Rick...we agree! It's totally wasteful. YOu just defined "nucelar
      > > waste", also. Well done. Now, you then should agree what we
      should do
      > > with the SNF, is to recycle it to get the other 97% out of it
      and stop
      > > mining uranium. Are you with me?
      > >
      > > David
      > >
    • eleni constantinou
      It all reminds me of a part in the book - Sivananda Buried Yoga - where the author talks of Sivananda the monkey, they come across a camp in the forest where
      Message 130 of 130 , Dec 20, 2008
        It all reminds me of a part in the book - Sivananda Buried Yoga -
        where the author talks of Sivananda the monkey, they come across a
        camp in the forest where he and his friends see Men working with
        machinery, in an effort to impress the other monkeys Sivananda tries
        to play around at being Man when the Humans go away and leave the
        machines unattended....well dear old Sivananda gets his tail cut off
        when he messes around with the machines.....hearing all the commotion
        of machines running and Sivananda screeching with no tail.....he is
        hailed as becoming a Man and duly worshipped and made
        Democracy needs evolved and proactive people otherwise it becomes a
        Demonacracy with nutters running amok..here are some interesting
        articles I came across...



        I have always held the belief that the war of independance was
        anything but that, it was probally one of the greatest smoke screens
        of the time. The American people believing that they were finally
        free of British rule, taxation and exploitation were really living a

        Its quite obvious that while many trully beleive the USA to be a free
        nation, outside of the control of anyone the truth is some what
        different. Rich and powerful European families have held sway since
        the WOI. At the top of the pile is the British Monarchy. Why is it
        that so many American Presidents have been related either indirectly
        to the crown or to the English Gentry that cannot be just coincidence
        or random chance.

        "(In fact it's said the Queen is buying up an incredible amount of
        land here, and America has been bankrupted in a plot (this article is
        endless, if you want to read it. You probably don't) by the British
        Crown. Which is why in the last few years, rich, influential American
        citizens have been Knighted; Ex-President George Bush, General Colin
        Powell, General Norman Schwarzkopf, ex-President Ronald Reagan, James
        Wolfensohn (President of the World Bank) and Alan Greenspan in
        September, 2002 (Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board). Some
        think they were knighted for being good little soldiers with their
        services to the British Crown and the agendas for a One World
        Government by the elite. But I digress"

        www.anomalies-unlimited.com... and educate-yourself.org...

        Of course all the naysayers will say its just bunkum yet it is the
        truth. Americans citizens in court are tried under British Admiralty
        Law yet few know this or realise it. But as I have posted before, the
        British Empire did not end it just had a name change and that was the
        United States of America. And its not just the American people who
        havwe been fooled its been most of the World.

        Now you understand the meaning of that special relationship between
        the US/UK. That is why we get America's armmed forces to fight for
        us, who found the oil in the ME, the British, who controlled the ME,
        the British, whos's exploiting the ME the British, who's fighting now
        in the ME, the UK/US. What was the reason for WW1, oil, the first
        units into action were in Iraq not Belgium.

        Who has its fingers in all the pies the British, who do they get to
        do their dirty work, the American's. Its been the same story for a
        very long time indeed. And right now the founders of the
        concentration camps are about to inflict same on the unwitting
        American people for further Global expansion that has been going on
        for centuries. America is part of the commonwealth just lioke all the
        others the Queen reigns over.

        Now the big plan is to take on the big boys, Russia and China and you
        cannot do that with a free and well armed nation but you can with an
        unarmed subjugated nation and that is what is about to take place
        inside the US. the draft, people's army and war and more war. The
        perps dont'give a toss to how many get killed or who suffers, what
        was it Prince Phillip said Quote, "if I could be reborn I would come
        back as a virus to kill as many humans as I could"

        Thast not a nice thing to hear especially when he is one of the perps
        in charge but it is an insight in what is in store for many.


        Aaahhh and before I get accused of going to far off topic.....


        Nuclear fusion could prove an abundant source of clean energy. But
        the process can be difficult to control, and scientists have yet to
        demonstrate a fusion plant that produces more energy than it
        consumes. Now physicists at MIT have addressed one of the many
        technological challenges involved in harnessing nuclear fusion as a
        viable energy source. They've demonstrated that pulses of radio
        frequency waves can be used to propel and heat plasma inside a

        --- In All-Energy@yahoogroups.com, x xx <lesleynward@...> wrote:
        > Hm...   Americans keep asuring me that the US was never meant to be
        a democracy - it was intended to be, and is, a republic.   Don't ask
        me what the difference is, I've never found an American who could
        give me a meaningful explanation.  Somehow I suspect a republic is an
        elected dictatorship. That would fit given the power of the American
        > Sam
        > --- On Sun, 12/14/08, Rick H Parker <rick@...> wrote:
        > From: Rick H Parker <rick@...>
        > Subject: Re: [All-E] Coal puts out more rads than Nuclear
        > To: All-Energy@yahoogroups.com
        > Received: Sunday, December 14, 2008, 6:56 PM
        > It still amazes me that the general population could not see what
        > happing when this all got started. The reason the US became a
        > was to spread the power thin so no one group accumulates too much
        > However democracy does not work well unless there is a well
        > population making informed choices. This explains the assault on
        > education and true science.
        > Rick H Parker
        > tony kuli panayiotou wrote:
        > > Just so, just so Rick....we have been brought to the point of
        > > destruction by the few, using the Monopoly of Oil and the whole
        > > infrastructure around it, with complete desregard for the safety
        > > the welfare of the whole populace - just for the sake of
        > > Greed........and now we are supposed to allow them to replace
        > > monopoly with NUCLEAR.!!
        > > Don't think we are quite ready for that, just yet.
        > > If we all take the trouble to research we will see countless
        > > of abuse of power for personal greed and agenda.......here are
        > > examples to start with perhaps -
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