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Fw: Congress is positive on windpower

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  • James Hanlon
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      Subject: Congress is positive on windpower

      Dealers & potential dealers james hanlon:

      "We think it's a great way to create an energy alternative for homes, for farms
      and small businesses.", Rep. J.C. Watts, Jr., July 3rd, 2001:On June 26th, Rep.
      J.C. Watts (R-Oklahoma's 4th District), the fourth ranking Republican in the U.S.
      House of Representatives, and three other Congressmen (Watkins and Lucas of
      Oklahoma and Ehlers of Michigan) introduced HR 2322, the "Home and Farm
      Wind Systems Act of 2001". On December 12th, Senator Richard Durbin (D-
      Illinois) introduced S. 1810, which contains the same provisions as HR
      2322. HR 2322 and S. 1810 would provide a 30% federal tax credit for
      homeowners, farmers and businesses when they install small wind energy
      system. As proposed the tax credit would be available for installation occurring
      over the next ten years. While a few states offer incentives, the federal
      government has not offered tax credits for small wind systems since 1985.
      This program responds directly to the thousands of calls that Congressional
      offices received last winter as home heating bills sky-rocketed. It will help
      provide alternatives to soaring gas and electricity costs. A recent USA TODAY/
      CNN/Gallup poll showed that 91% of the public favors incentives for wind,
      solar, and fuel cells. But, while there are tax credits for very large commercial
      wind turbines (Production Tax Credit), there is currently no federal program to
      support small systems.

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