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Major Bridge Work in 2015; MD 195 (Carro ll Avenue) over Sligo Creek and Sligo Creek Pa rkway – Community Advisory

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  • Cathy Plevy
    Bridge work to support safety and mobility. The MD 195 (Carroll Avenue) bridge over Sligo Creek and Sligo Creek Parkway is scheduled for major rehabilitation
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2013
      Bridge work to support safety and mobility.

      The MD 195 (Carroll Avenue) bridge over Sligo Creek and Sligo Creek
      Parkway is scheduled for major rehabilitation starting in the spring of
      2015. The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) will replace the
      bridge deck, sidewalk, and railings, and rehabilitate major elements of
      the bridge, including the beams and columns that support the deck above
      the two arches. In order to complete the necessary work safely, the
      bridge will be closed and traffic will be detoured during construction.

      For additional information, you are invited to attend a meeting on
      October 2, 2013. The informational workshop will acquaint the public
      with the project. Display boards will show operational and safety
      improvements, and SHA representatives will be available to discuss
      project issues and answer questions concerning construction. No formal
      presentation will be given. Feel free to arrive at any time and walk
      through at your own pace.

      Informational Workshop
      Takoma Park Middle School – Cafeteria
      7611 Piney Branch Road
      Silver Spring, MD 20910
      Wednesday, October 2, 2013
      6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

      Why is the work necessary?

      This work is part of SHA’s bridge system preservation program aimed
      at providing reliable facilities in a timely manner. It will ensure the
      continued safe operation of the bridge and extend the service life of
      the 81-year old structure. The bridge is eligible for inclusion in the
      National Register of Historic Places; therefore, SHA will make every
      effort to maintain the appearance of the bridge while still meeting
      current codes and safety requirements.

      How will vehicle and pedestrian traffic be impacted?

      During construction, SHA crews will close Carroll Avenue at the bridge
      and vehicles will be detoured. Pedestrian traffic will be maintained on
      a temporary bridge directly adjacent to MD 195 over Sligo Creek Bridge.
      Access to all residential, business, hospital and trail entrances
      adjacent to the work zone will also be maintained.

      What detours will be in place?

      Motorists north and south of MD 195 over Sligo Creek Bridge wishing to
      continue on MD 195 beyond the project site will be directed to a traffic
      detour utilizing Flower Avenue, Maplewood Avenue, Maple Avenue and MD
      410 (Philadelphia Road). The detour length is 1.25 miles, and will be
      improved at several locations to accommodate the additional traffic –
      these locations include the intersections of Hilltop Road and Sligo
      Creek Parkway, Maplewood Avenue and Flower Avenue, and Old Carroll Road
      and Sligo Creek Parkway. Also, while Sligo Creek Parkway is closed to
      motorists on Sundays, motorists may use it as a detour route during the
      week and Saturday, reducing detour length to less than one mile. A
      separate detour utilizing only State-owned roadways will be in place for
      commercial trucks, and Montgomery County Ride-On Transit is evaluating
      alternatives to minimize impacts to the bus routes and bus stop
      locations during the closure.

      Have any other alternatives been considered?

      Project engineers considered constructing a temporary bridge to
      maintain one lane of vehicular traffic during construction. However, a
      temporary bridge to support vehicles would have to be larger than the
      proposed temporary pedestrian bridge, including approach roadways
      requiring an extensive clearing of wooded parkland adjacent to the
      bridge, and would add one year to the project. The chosen alternative
      will take the shortest time to construct and minimize the impacts to the
      surrounding environment.

      What is the project schedule?

      Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in the spring 2015 and
      the bridge is anticipated to be closed for one year. Additionally, some
      construction will take place before and after the bridge is closed, but
      will be able to do so while it carries traffic. Work will not start
      until construction is completed on MD 650 (New Hampshire Avenue) over
      Sligo Creek Bridge. SHA will make every effort to complete this project
      as quickly as possible while minimizing impacts to local residents and

      For more information on this project, please visit SHA’s website at
      www.roads.maryland.gov and click on Projects and
      Studies/Transportation Projects Page/Montgomery County/Bridge 1503300
      over Sligo Creek Parkway and Sligo Creek.

      Catherine E. Plevy
      Executive Assistant
      Public Information Officer (PIO)
      Office of the Chief of Police
      7500 Maple Avenue
      Takoma Park, Maryland 20912
      (301) 891-7142

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