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5332A Message from the Chief of Police; Car-Jackings - Community Advisory

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  • Cathy Plevy
    Jan 25, 2014
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      During the last month or so we have seen a regional increase in
      robberies involving carjacking and street robberies of lone female
      victims walking home or to or from their cars. This recent one is the
      second carjacking in the City in the last month. The other one involved
      the victim's Subaru being stolen and the next day, it was involved in an
      armed robbery in Prince George's County and a resulting police chase and
      apprehension. We have had three street robberies in the City in the
      last month. All of these met the same general pattern; females walking
      from public transportation or from their cars. Montgomery County has had
      several of these robberies on the border of the City and the District of
      Columbia. The District of Columbia has been inundated with robberies
      along the borders and in the 4th and 5th Districts. In one of the
      District of Columbia cases, the victim resisted and was wounded. Prince
      George's County has had numerous cases as well. Several of the gas
      station purse snatches are most likely related as well. Often times we
      see these cars carjacked and then “rented” to another criminal to
      commit other crimes. As cars are getting harder to steal, the back lash
      has been to directly take them from the owners.

      We have been working very closely with the Prince George's County
      Police and coordinating with the District of Columbia on these cases. I
      know there have been a number of arrests but the pattern has continued.
      I have requested a meeting with the border agencies for a coordinated
      response. I want to assure the residents that we have been involved with
      these cases prior to this event and will continue to do so.

      One of your neighbors correctly posted that one should be aware of
      their surroundings. If you see something out of the ordinary or
      suspicious, call us immediately at 301-270-1100. We do recommend that if
      your phone happens to be stolen, that you keep it active for a period of
      time until the investigators can determine if it can be tracked. For
      example, in one recent case, officers stopped the suspect vehicle and
      called the stolen phone’s number. It rang in the driver’s pocket. I
      also recommend that one of the many Android, iPhone or Windows phone
      security software that lets you lock, track and erase your phone be
      installed. You can also encrypt many of your phones and prevent any data
      from being stolen.

      We ask anyone who may have any information or may have seen anything
      related to these events to contact the Takoma Park Police Department at

      Catherine E. Plevy
      Assistant to the Chief of Police
      Public Information Officer (PIO)
      Office of the Chief of Police
      7500 Maple Avenue
      Takoma Park, Maryland 20912
      (301) 891-7142 - desk
      (240) 338-2901 - cell