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5324Protect Your Family Pets in the Harsh Winter Weather - Community Advisory

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  • Cathy Plevy
    Jan 24, 2014
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      Winter is a time we should pay close attention to the safety of our family pets. Here are some tips:

      If your family pet goes outdoors, be aware of the temperature. Pets can get frostbite very easily on the ears, tail and paws.

      When walking your dog, check the paws to make sure that ice is not building up between the toes and that salt from the road is not irritating the skin.

      If your dog is a swimmer, keep it on a leash around open water or unstable ice. Hypothermia can set in quickly and the dog may be unable to get out of the water.

      Before you start your car, you should honk the horn to make sure that a cat has not decided to nap in a warm spot under the hood of the vehicle, or underneath the vehicle.

      Please protect your family pets!

      Catherine E. Plevy
      Assistant to the Chief of Police
      Public Information Officer (PIO)
      Office of the Chief of Police
      7500 Maple Avenue
      Takoma Park, Maryland 20912
      (301) 891-7142 - desk
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