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Alero/Grand Am Service Manual Hi all - my Alero is gone sadly. :-( But I've got a 2-volume GM factory/dealer service manual set for model year 2000. $75 + shipping, to US only. Excellent
Feb 22
Re: Parking/emergency brake adjustment just did this- handle is self adjusting. you can adjust the shoes by removing the rear rotors. You have to remove the calipers and brackets and then the rotors
Klozzo the clown
Dec 30, 2013
new guy needs help advice or comments hey guys, my girlfriend just got a "free" 03 alero, with a 3400 engine. her friends that owned the car rode it hard and had multiple overheating issues before
Klozzo the clown
Dec 30, 2013
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Hello guys I am new here. Hello I am new here, and I want some of your opinions of what do I want or what I am thinking of doing with my 01 alero 3400 sfi. I have 160k miles on it and
Dec 9, 2013
Re: Problem with fans I would try Try to get the 2nd screw back in. for better cooling. using a mirror locate the 2nd. hole and try to line it up with a pick or something.
Jul 27, 2013
Re: Problem with fans I had the same issue. First two fan positions didn't work anymore. I went down the the local auto parts store and got the part, about $20. Using the info
Darrell Mulder
Jul 20, 2013
Juanita Singleton wer http://portali.co.nz/mdfzyrc/ooob/rwkhtttaf/sumzbshuv.php Juanita Singleton [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Juanita Singleton
Jun 16, 2013
Re: Parking/emergency brake adjustment l never worked on mine, but l used to work in a garage for many years, replaced and adjusted them (e-brake systems) on many cars. Looks like the alero uses the
Apr 13, 2013
Parking/emergency brake adjustment Hi Group, Appreciate all the comments and tech subjects written up in here. Has anyone had to adjust their parking brake? From the shop manual, it looks like
S. M.
Apr 12, 2013
Re: Traction off light Hi there , I have an 99 Alero , had the same trouble , it turns out mine had to do with a pipe line resanator near the mufler , and had to fix it , it does
Apr 12, 2013
Re: Traction off light ... Have your alero check for a Wheel hub....and replace the bad one.
Apr 11, 2013
Traction off light Hey y'all! Thanks for the help with my fan issue I had awhile back. Works perfectly now. I have a new problem I was wondering if any one knows how to fix my
Dennie Hahn
Apr 11, 2013
Re: Problem with fans Don't let them scare you off...it's a fairly easy fix. I no longer have my Alero, having replaced it a little over a year ago, but I remember the issue. I
Mar 22, 2013
Re: Problem with fans ... Yes, this is a common issue with Aleros, including mine. I've considered fixing it, but while the part isn't expensive, it sounds like a royal pain in the
Lin Sprague
Mar 22, 2013
Re: Problem with fans Its the blower resister.  Not sure where its exactly located, since I had mine replaced under warranty 6-7 years ago.   Brian
Mar 22, 2013
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Re: Problem with fans It’s called a blower motor resistor and runs about $15-$23 at Rockauto.com. It’s located on the passenger side under the glove box in the black plastic
Mar 21, 2013
Re: Problem with fans resistor for you fan switch ... From: Dennie Hahn Subject: [Alero] Problem with fans To: Alero@yahoogroups.com Date: Thursday, March
Mar 21, 2013
Problem with fans Hello everyone, and thank you much for answering in advance! I am having a problem with my heating and cooling fans for the interior of my 99 alero. It doesn't
Dennie Hahn
Mar 21, 2013
Re: Horn problem Yes the guy who replaced mine told me a couple of other models this occurs on besides the Alero.  I'm only about 6 months in but hopefuly it will last a
Sid Bailey
Jul 10, 2012
Re: Horn problem ... I had the same problem with my Alero...I've got a few posts on the subject, if you're inclined to read back a bit (though doing so won't provide any useful
Jul 9, 2012
Horn problem Had an interesting experience over the winter. The horn would go off for no reason. The car could be going down the road or even sitting in the garage.
Sid B
Apr 18, 2012
Re: 2000 Alero See it says, General Motors Corporation Models: Chevrolet Malibu Years: 2000-2001 Oldsmobile Alero Years: 2000-2001 Pontiac Grand Am
Dec 30, 2011
Re: 2000 Alero ... Yay! It's nice to hear a story where our, the consumers, persistence actually gets us somewhere, and that we don't end up being screwed by the dealers.
Lin Sprague
Dec 29, 2011
Re: 2000 Alero I just spoke to a dealer today and told them that the recall number was listed for my 2000 olds alero on the
Doug Johnson
Dec 29, 2011
It's been fun I posted back in September that I'd soon be breaking things off with my Alero...that has now come to pass. Sold it a couple of weeks ago for $1000 (with an
Dec 29, 2011
Re: 2000 Alero Saw your post, Amber. Not sure if it's the same thing, but the Alero is prone to having the turn signal "clicking" or "ticking" coming on when not actually
Dec 29, 2011
Re: 2000 Alero Well I got my car used, But the Chevy dealer told me NO! right away. Guess I could have tried to push it, or called a few different dealers.
Dec 29, 2011
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Re: 2000 Alero The horrible support that GM provides is the reason I will not buy a GM product again! As for them saying it’s too old, then I would push and go to another
Dec 28, 2011
Re: 2000 Alero I have a 2000 and my turn signals do the same thing. Dealer/GM won't fix it because the recall is too old. I did find out that if I work the hazard lights
Dec 28, 2011
Re: 2000 Alero My 2004 had this problem, and it seems to be something to do with the four way flasher unit.   Al ... From: Doug Johnson Subject:
Al Magneison
Dec 28, 2011
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