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RBA: Calgary AB, June 30, 2005

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    - RBA * Alberta (Canada) * Calgary, AB * Jun 30, 2005 * ABCA0506.30 - Birds mentioned Trumpeter Swan Lesser Yellowlegs Semipalmated Sandpiper Least Sandpiper
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      - RBA
      * Alberta (Canada)
      * Calgary, AB
      * Jun 30, 2005
      * ABCA0506.30

      - Birds mentioned

      Trumpeter Swan
      Lesser Yellowlegs
      Semipalmated Sandpiper
      Least Sandpiper
      Great Gray Owl
      Northern Saw-whet Owl
      Loggerhead Shrike
      Red-eyed Vireo

      - Transcript

      Hotline: City of Calgary and Calgary Field Naturalists' Society Bird Alert
      Number: (403)221-4519
      To Report: (403)221-4519
      Coverage: Southern Alberta
      Compiler: Terry Korolyk (CFNS & IBS)
      Transcriber: Chris Havard (ckhavard@...)

      Welcome to the City of Calgary and CFNS Bird Alert. This Bird Alert was recorded on Thursday, June 30. To report a bird sighting, leave a message after the recording, or to bypass the recorded message, press the pound key on your touch tone phone. To speak to a naturalist, please phone 221-4500 during office hours.

      The first southbound SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPERS and LEAST SANDPIPER of the summer season have been reported. A total of 18 SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPERS, 1 LEAST SANDPIPER, and 4 LESSER YELLOWLEGS were observed on Wed, June 29 at the north end of Kievers Lake by Phil Cram, Mike Mulligan, Chris Havard and Jerry Pilny. Kievers Lake is approximately 20 kms west of Three Hills on Rge Rd 260 south of Hwy 583. Just south of Kievers Lake, they saw a NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWL being scolded by a RED-EYED VIREO in a grove of aspens. Southeast of Beiseker, they watched a LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE on Rge Rd 255 just north of Twp Rd 280.

      There have been 2 recent reports of swans in the Calgary birding area. Terry Korolyk observed 3 adult swans that were probably TRUMPETER SWANS at Basin 3 at Frank lake 6 kms east of Hwy 2 on Hwy 23 east of High River on Saturday, June 25. Basin 3 is the large marshy area directly south of the dirt track that runs along the south perimeter of Basin 2. The southeast corner of Basin 2 can be reached by driving west on the first gravel raod south of Hwy 23 on 232 St SE which runs down the east flank of Frank Lake. Lois and Bill Lang and Lorne Kingwell reported 2 days this week that 2 probable adult TRUMPETER SWANS were on the east side of the large slough just south of Plummers Road on Hwy 22 SE of Priddis.

      GREAT GRAY OWLS are being seen off Hwy 546 west of Turner Valley. The most recent report comes from Bill Wilson who, on Wednesday June 29, observed an adult 3.3 kms west of Turner Valley, near the aluminum garage; then .5 km west of 264 St, he saw an immature bird.

      The next scheduled update of the bird alert is Monday, July 4.



      SUN, JULY 3, 8am: BIRDING SOUTH GLENMORE. Meet W parking lot at Sailing club (N off 90 Av SW at 24 St). Leader, Bruce Barnetson, 246-1329.

      SUN, JULY 3, 9:30AM: EDWORTHY WILDFLOWERS. See carnivorous Butterwort, 4 species of Orchids and other unusual plants. Lawrey Gardens, Edworthy Park. Meet extreme W end of 10 Ave SW, just W of Crowchild Tr. Leader G Yaki, 243-2248.

      Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is a City of Calgary natural area. Staff offer information, courses and field trips relating to natural history. For information, call (403) 221-4500.

      Calgary Field Naturalists' Society promotes the observation, study and conservation of the native habitat through lectures, field trips and collection of scientific data. CFNs publishes a newsletter eight times a year. It is available on the website at www.cfns.fanweb.ca. For membership or event information, email cfns@.... 'A Birdfinding Guide to the Calgary Region', ed. Joan McDonald (CFNS, 1993)is out of print. Copies are no longer available from CFNS.

      - End transcript.
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