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'Thought & Humor' Magazine! #ProfHowdy (11.25.15) Happy Thanksgiv

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!! Give Thanks To America: God Shed His Grace On Thee! The Story Of Squanto 'God's Instrument'! #FunnyPoliticalCartoons OH, Those
Prof Howdy
Nov 25

'Thought & Humor' Magazine! #ProfHowdy (11.24.15)

Claymation Christmas - Carol of the Bells! Non-P.C. Vintage Folgers Ad! Don't Try This Anywhere! Classical Commercials! Google Street View Guys! - Mantovani vs
Prof Howdy
Nov 24

'Thought & Humor' Magazine! #ProfHowdy (11.23.15)

#SleepingBull #SunkenShip Four BullFighters! Cheese It! Trip To Washington! Monday's Riddles! Monday's Humor Cartoons! #FunnyPoliticalCartoons ♪♫ ♫ Happy
Prof Howdy
Nov 23

'Thought & Humor' Magazine! #ProfHowdy (11.20.15)

Sick UNC Grad! Man At The Door! #UNCClassroom Voyage Marié Juste! Weekend Humor Cartoons! Weekend Riddles For Your Friends/Family! #FunnyPoliticalCartoons ♫
Prof Howdy
Nov 20

'Thought & Humor' Magazine! #ProfHowdy (11.19.15)

GEICO - Hump Day Camel: Movie Day! The Glass Age, Strong, Durable Glass No Duct Tape! Geico Wood Chucks! T.V. Classic ¶ Eastern Air Lines Commercial ¶ Dove
Prof Howdy
Nov 19

'Thought & Humor' Magazine! #ProfHowdy (11.18.15)

#UNCGrad #BrokenPencil #EatingSpagetti UNC Zoo! Wednesday's Humor Cartoons! #FunnyPoliticalCartoons Person Of Interest Staff Meeting! Do You Believe This?
Prof Howdy
Nov 18

'Thought & Humor' Magazine! #ProfHowdy (11.17.15)

Funny Commercial For New Moms! Harley Goes Swimming! Supermarket Domino! Useful Dog Tricks Performed By Jesse! Windows XP & 98 Music! Bajo el cielo de Paris!
Prof Howdy
Nov 17

'Thought & Humor' Magazine! #ProfHowdy (11.16.15)

A Prayer For Paris! Bar Service! Lea La Biblia Para La Verdad! Three Ways! Fixing A Flat - UNC Style! Monday's Humor Cartoons! Monday's Riddles!
Prof Howdy
Nov 16

'Thought & Humor' Magazine! #ProfHowdy (11.13.15)

Pink Curtains??? #ColdGeneral UNC Math Homework! UNC Class Discussion! Weekend Humor Cartoons! #FunnyPoliticalCartoons #MakingWoman #PresidentTeddyRoosevelt
Prof Howdy
Nov 13

'Thought & Humor' Video Magazine! #ProfHowdy (11.12.15)

Funny Phone Commercial! Gus & Dolls - Complete! Best Car Ads Ever! Antelope With Night Vision! Wheels On The Bus | Plus Lots More Nursery Rhymes | 54 Minutes
Prof Howdy
Nov 12

'Thought & Humor' Magazine! #ProfHowdy (11.12.15)

  Bank Robbery! New UNC Bride! Daddy Mouse! Thursday's Riddles! FDR Quote! A Measure Of Gratitude! A Letter To Friends! #FunnyPoliticalCartoons ♪♫ ♫
Prof Howdy
Nov 12

'Thought & Humor' Video Magazine! #ProfHowdy (11.11.15) Happy Vete

Grand Central Station Prank! Go Ahead Make My Day! Bob Hope: Are Democrats Zombies? Boeing B747-400 Take Off San Francisco Cockpit View ¶ Isn't It Romantic?
Prof Howdy
Nov 11

'Thought & Humor' Magazine! #ProfHowdy (11.11.15)

Prof Howdy Tries Bowling! Ennuis De Police! Prof Howdy's Test Results! Three Women In Court! Chocolate! Wednesday's Humor Cartoons! Wednesday's Riddles!
Prof Howdy
Nov 11

'Thought & Humor' Video Magazine! #ProfHowdy (11.10.15)

  Krispy Kremes, Men, Women & Funny Names! Rejected Super Bowl Commercial! The Making Of Raiders Of The Lost Ark! Charlie Bit Me - Again! Roller Babies! House
Prof Howdy
Nov 10

'Thought & Humor' Magazine! #ProfHowdy (11.10.15)

#CabinInTheWoods UNC Exam Question! #LindsayLohan UNC Terrorists Threat Raised To Code Blue! Tuesday's Humor Cartoons! Congratulations! #FunnyPoliticalCartoons
Prof Howdy
Nov 10
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