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Brett & Tammy Woern
10:14 PM

NGC 7635 w/ 9.25 inch refractor

Here is another little gem that is nice and high in our Alaskan skies that I got last year while the skies were still dark from lack of snow. This one was from
10:06 PM
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Ae Auriga from the Butte w/ 9.25 inch refractor

This is a very neat object to image. This was taken last spring during a nice dark night with a 9.25 inch refractor at f/11.8. The camera was a modded Canon 6
3:02 PM
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M 1 w/26 inch reflector

This was taken with a modded Canon 6 D. Thirteen frames were stacked. The camera was operating at ISO 1600 on the 26 inch reflector at f/5.4 duration of 3
Feb 6
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Re: Image of Cone Nebula in Monoceros

Beautiful image, Jim! Nice detail and color in the nebulosity. Did you grind the 9.25" lenses?
Feb 6

Comet Catalina

The focal length of the 9.25 inch refractor is long enough (106.5 inches) to show the movement of comet Catalina in this 3 minute shot taken with a modded
Feb 5
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Image of Cone Nebula in Monoceros

I was out this week with some clear skies here in the Butte area shooting a few images of the comet Catalina and some nebula with my 9.25 inch Achro refractor
Feb 5
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Re: New Image, Flaming Star Nebula

Looks great Steve. The deepest results ever from Anchorage I've seen. Encouraging! (My skies are getting wrecked with lights.) Mike On Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at
Mike C
Feb 5

New Image, Flaming Star Nebula

Finally had some clear skies in Anchorage! Flaming Star Nebula 2-2-16 by Steven Menaker http://www.pbase.com/image/162501005
Feb 5

Plan(et) 9 from outer space

Could there be another planet in our solar system? Really? Mike "Pluto Killer" Brown thinks so!
Christopher Erickson
Jan 20

looking to buy

I am wanting to get into Astronomy, love star and planet gazing, I found a telescope on facebook and wanted to know if this would be a good to start with...
Jan 18


I'm downsizing telescopes and have a clean 12" Meade LX 200R SCT telescope with the Giant Meade Tripod for sale. The scope and all the electronics are as good
Thomas Tyler
Dec 17, 2015

Re: Lunar Occultation of Venus

Thanks for the heads up. I think I will try to capture this event. Clear skies to everyone. We had pristine conditions for the Venus transit of the Sun here in
Mike C
Dec 2, 2015

Lunar Occultation of Venus

A spectacular astronomical happening will be visible from Alaska next Monday morning, December 7: an occultation of Venus by the Moon. Such an occurrence under
Dec 2, 2015

Fwd: Last minute...

A note from Campbell Creek Science Center... Travis Rector will be doing a presentation - perhaps in honor of his new book. I believe I saw him do a similar
Brett and Tammy Woern
Nov 17, 2015
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