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Jerusalem Post: Akin Gump Terror Clients

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Alberto M. Giordano
Dec 25, 2001

Attaxploitation by Akin Gump

In the THEY HAVE NO SHAME department... America's most mercenary lawyer-lobbyist firm is, according to this report, profiteering off the fallout from September
Nov 27, 2001

Arizona Republic: Jurors Threatened

Symington jurors, secretary threatened Janice Pettes By William Hermann and Pat Flannery The Arizona Republic Oct. 16, 1997 One of the lingering mysteries in
Jul 29, 2001

Akin Gumpsters Advise Banks on Money Laundering

http://www.moneylaundering.com When laundering charges surface, battles commence on several fronts By John M. Dowd and Jeffrey M. King Akin, Gump, Strauss,
Alberto M. Giordano
Apr 26, 2001

Akin's Jordan writing a tell-nothing book

From the Los Angeles Times Sunday, April 22, 2001 Vernon Jordan's Tell-All Will End Where Years With Clinton Began Memoir: 'People look at me and believe I was
Apr 23, 2001

World Net Daily on Fox, Hernandez, Bush, Akin Gump...

From World Net Daily February 15, 2001 http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=21729 President Fox guarding narco-hen house? By Tom Flocco ©
Alberto M. Giordano
Feb 15, 2001

$1 Million to Akin Gump to Screw Press in Kazakhstan

Akin Gumpsters complicit v. Press Freedom again... FOR ONE MILLION DOLLARS! From the Washington Post, January 25, 2001 "The money went for high-priced
Al Giordano
Jan 24, 2001

Please DON'T Censor Akin's Web Site...

Narco News to Banamex Web Site Provider: "Please DON'T Censor Our Adversary's Web Site" Note: This communiqué is posted online at
Al Giordano
Jan 13, 2001

Libel Cases as Harassment in Mexico

This is a a translation of an article by a Mexican attorney about two libel cases in that country, one of them against a columnist who criticized an ex
Alberto M. Giordano
Jan 10, 2001

An Appeal to Robert Strauss

In 1998, Akin Gump partner Robert Strauss signed a letter, along with hundreds of other well known individuals throughout the world, to UN Secretary General
Al Giordano
Jan 9, 2001

Akin Gump is Here to Serve Us!

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Alberto M. Giordano
Jan 6, 2001

MSN Slate, 12/28 on Akin's Strauss

http://slate.msn.com/code/chatterbox/chatterbox.asp? Show=12/28/2000&idMessage=6773 The Resurrection of Bob Strauss By Timothy Noah Posted Thursday, Dec. 28,
Al Giordano
Dec 29, 2000

Texas Observer on prior Akin Gump narco-libel suit

This is long but very interesting. Akin Gump initiated a lawsuit against author Christopher Whalen, blaming him for the Hank family's problems with the Federal
Al Giordano
Dec 25, 2000

Lawsuit to Silence Alleged Source of Hank Documents

This is a New York Times story on a lawsuit against the man who allegedly leaked government documents to newspapers. The document, by a joint task force of
Al Giordano
Dec 25, 2000

Links to El Andar stories: Journos Didn't Back Down

These are links to stories at the El Andar web site, the magazine that Hank empire-Gary G. Jacobs-Laredo National Bank threatened with $10 million lawsuit. A
Al Giordano
Dec 25, 2000
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