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129The $60 Million Lawsuit v. Costa-Gavras' "Missing"

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  • Al Giordano
    Dec 25, 2000
      $60 Million Libel Suit by US Official to Stop a Movie about the Truth

      Military officer sued Costa-Gavras' film Missing, about the
      assassination of Charles Horman in Chile

      Source http://www.wsws.org/news/1998/oct1998/horm-o23.shtml

      The Hormans subsequently filed suit for wrongful death, but it was
      eventually dismissed because the CIA refused to release the relevant
      files. The film Missing won the Golden Palm award at the 1982 Cannes
      Film Festival, and Jack Lemmon, who played Ed Horman, was awarded the
      prize for best actor. The director Costa-Gavras won an Oscar for best
      screenplay based on material from another medium, and Missing gained
      Oscar nominations for best picture, best actor and best actress
      (Sissy Spacek in the role of Charles's wife).

      Some, however, were not so pleased. Ray Davis, the senior US Military
      Group officer in Chile at the time of the coup (Captain Ray Tower in
      the film), filed a $60 million libel suit against Costa-Gavras and
      Universal Studios.

      The suit was dismissed on summary judgment in 1987.