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123Re: GAME TURN IX Late April 1851 January 25th

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  • jovanpe@att.net
    Jan 31, 2010
      Airship -- The Incredibly Lighter than Air Mammoth Balloon Aeronautical Conveyance with Outlandish Weaponry -- ILAM BACOW or "The Bad-Ass Cow"

      Owner -- Sultan Sheik Turban XXXVII, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

      Captain: The Most Excellent Scavenger of the Skies and Purveyor of Fine Fruits, Sir I.M. Wetinmybritches

      Captain's Log Late April 1851

      Due to the lack of any embellishments to our fine airship geared to making the mighty beast faster, I never expected to do so well at the Regatta. Despite that, His Excellency (and my boss) Sultan Sheik Turban XXXVII, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, wanted to participate and be part of the festivities surrounding the London Regatta.

      We arrived just in time to register. We actually put up a good fight, much better than I ever anticipated at a fine clip of 92 (the second highest speed we have ever achieved). While that did not even place us in the top three, for a ship with nothing to add speed, it was a good showing of fourth place.

      I, somewhat jokingly, asked the Crown Prince if I could just blow the other airships out of the sky, thus ensuring us a first place victory. While he said that would be magnificent to see, he thought that would not be good for future diplomatic relations with most of the civilized world. We then had a hearty laugh and prepared to head toward home.

      Captain I.M. Wetinmybritches
      April 24, 1851

      Roll up of 92 + 0 = 92. Fourth place, I believe, dang it. I just wanted to get those sails that came with third place, so I could gain some speed! Oh, well. It was fun.


      --- In Airship_Adventures_Sky_Lions@yahoogroups.com, "lionsden112002" <kenneth_vanpelt@...> wrote:
      > The Aurora is heliographing in it's race results.
      > Roll UP:
      > 90
      > Race results so far:
      > Tom Swift and the REd Cloud: 118
      > Gresham Cline and the White Cloud: 102
      > Fleur de Lis: 98
      > Aurora: 90
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