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121Re: GAME TURN IX Late April 1851 January 25th

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  • Ted C.
    Jan 30, 2010
      Late April, 1851
      Capt. Jean-Luc Baptiste

      April 16th, 1851
      Ahh, Montreal.  How we love your sites, culture, food and women!  I managed to finally crawl from between the sheets and a couple of young, lithe 'ladies' and realized that I'd squandered an entire week!  I quickly rushed to the Fleur and we cast off for London and the Regatta.  

      April 20th, 1851
      We were in luck.  The wind was extremely compliant with our needs and we cruised into London without a hitch (wind = 77).  We signed up for the Regatta just as the Red Cloud passed into view.  What a monster!  With a sinking feeling, I knew the Fleur isn't its match.  Then I saw the White Cruiser.  There was an adversary worthy of our efforts!  Capt. Cline's exploits were legendary, so I looked forward to the competition.  

      April 21st, 1851
      Damnation the Red Cloud is a blazer!  It was gone in a hare's breath, leaving the rest of us looking like we were standing still!  The Cruiser and the Fleur were in a heated race, but we were deftly edged out by Cline's crew at the end (speed roll = 98).  Sa la vie!  Our only hope for a prize is that the 'Bad-Ass Cow' didn't cross the finish line before we did!  We could use the silk sails to increase our speed!

      > The Intrepid Aeronaut
      > GAME TURN IX Late April 1851
      > ************************************************************************\
      > *******
      > ************************************************************************\
      > *******
      > All the News in fits of print from the Corners of the Globe
      > Featuring Up to Date Travelers' Advisories and Communiqu├ęs from Posts
      > both Near
      > and Far News in this Issue covers the week of January 25th, 2010
      > ***************************************************
      > ***************************************************
      > [See full size image]
      > <http://www.gutenberg.org/files/30047/30047-h/images/img034.jpg>
      > Airship Adventures Aeronaut Game Scale for Aeroship Captains.
      > 20 point Journeyman Aeronaut
      > 40 points Master Aeronaut
      > 60 points Renowned Aeronaut
      > 80 points Sky Lion!
      > *****************************************************************
      > There will be an Aeroship Regatta in London in Late April 1851. The
      > Intrepid
      > Aeronaut is offering a
      > First Prize of 1 additional Crewman (Mechanic) and 1
      > Additional Attachment of (Rockets M+2, S+2).
      > Second Prize will be a set of
      > Avionics Industries Propellers S+4.
      > Third Prize will be a set of Bellerophon
      > Silks Sails S+4.
      > Aeroship captains must be in territory in Late April 1851 in
      > Great Britain to be eligible for the event. It will occur as the first
      > movement
      > of that week and all participants will turn in to the GM a SPEED die
      > roll of 1 D
      > 100 augmented with whatever you currently have on board for SPEED. The
      > reace
      > takes place entirely within the territory of Great Britain. You will
      > have your
      > second half of the week's turn after the race.
      > Mission Phase: Valid missions.
      > Missions with more than one mention may be doubled up and use modifiers
      > of both
      > categories.
      > Self created Missions to include:Repair in actuality should be called
      > "invent or add on or modify" airship.
      > Repair: To initiate this mission require three of the seven listed crew.
      > Aeronaut, Scientist, Naval Officer, Engineer, Inventor, Mechanic,
      > Navigator
      > Roll a 1D100 and a Success yields = May add one attachment randomly
      > drawn roll a
      > 1D30 and reference the attachment chart.
      > Recruit: Use Diplomacy modifier. Roll 1D100. May add one crew randomly
      > drawn if
      > you achieve a "Total Success".
      > Roll a 1D30 and randomly add your crew from the list.
      > Home Base modifiers +10 if moored at home port for repair and recruit.
      > ************************************************
      > Current Global news from the territories:
      > 3.1.49 Diplomatic, entertain, North Africa
      > 4.6.13 Transport, Pick up person, South Pacific
      > 2.6.12 Exploration Collect ZBGAV, North Pacific
      > 4.5.93 Transport a politician, Venezuela
      > 4.6.54 Transport, artifact, East Africa
      > 2.2.57 Exploration, expedition, South Africa
      > 5.5.56 Rescue, animals, Congo
      > 5.3.14 Rescue,Explorer, South Pacific
      > 4.3.98 Transport, food, Brazil
      > 4.5.54 Transport, political disadent, East Africa
      > 2.6.35 Exploration, Collect ZBGAV, Irkutsk
      > 5.2.27 Rescue, Explorer, India
      > 1.5.10 Military, Forward Observation: artillery spotting, Indian Ocean
      > 4.1.56 Transportation, Delivery Emergency Supplies, Congo
      > 5.4.86 Rescue, Explorer, Alaska
      > 5.3.36 Rescue, Explorer, Irkutsk
      > 1.5.77 Military, Artillery spotter, Quebec
      > 1.5.16 Military, Artillery spotter, South China Sea
      > 1.6.82 Military, Police action, Alberta
      > 6.4.99 Speed, Race a train, Afgentina
      > 5.6.60 Rescue, political disident, Madagascar
      > PS GM: I really love the written descriptions of the mission outcomes.
      > Can you
      > reference them by coded description. In your after action report
      > reference the
      > actual coded numbers above.
      > Look these up in your charts of navigation and political communique.
      > *******************************************************************
      > Travel Phase: Current barometric pressure and wind speeds at your
      > location. Heliographed instantly from around the globe. You can always
      > rely on
      > an accurate and favorable forecast when you consult the Aeuonauts
      > companion.
      > Brought to you by The Intrepid Aeuronaut.
      > Player 1 Wind Speed 25,28
      > Player 2 Wind Speed 79,47
      > Player 3 Wind Speed 54,36
      > Player 4: Wind Speed 77,60
      > Player 5: Wind Speed 16,27
      > Player 6: Wind Speed 85,74
      > Player 7: Wind Speed 43,75
      > Player 8: Wind Speed 45,42
      > Player 9: Wind Speed 20,23
      > Player 10: Wind Speed 8,40
      > Player 11: Wind Speed 47,6
      > Player 12: Wind Speed 44,32
      > Additional posts
      > The International Cartographic Association is offering a captain's
      > scolarship of 10 VP for place names inserted into the Locations
      > Chart in the rules section. Interested aeronauts can select the chart
      > from the rules and resubmit it with a prominent place name location in
      > each of the 100 territories listed and immediately be granted the dean's
      > award of 10 VP. Turn in your chart to the game master electronically
      > and we will add it to the rules as an addendum. The project is designed
      > to polish the game's chrome and add places you feel should be mentioned
      > in dispatches or visited as premier in the listed territories.
      > Basically what is the main population center for the territory at this
      > time period.
      > Clear skies captains!
      > Welcome to any new recruits that join us in this adventure.
      > GM
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