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115Re: AIRBORN by Kenneth Oppel

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  • jovanpe@att.net
    Jan 26, 2010
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      Hey, I am glad you remembered and I am glad you liked it! You believe you told me about a book to read, too, but I cannot remember the title (I think it might have been a series?) Let me know. Thanks.


      --- In Airship_Adventures_Sky_Lions@yahoogroups.com, "lionsden112002" <kenneth_vanpelt@...> wrote:
      > Aeronauts,
      > I have a recommended read or "listen" for you all.
      > My brother John recommended the book to me and when I searched for it found that it was available through the Mid-Continent public library as a book on CD.
      > The title: Airborn, by Kenneth Oppel is about an airship in a fictional setting early 1900's.
      > Also supported by a unique web site:
      > http://www.airborn.ca/index.html
      > I just finished the book and will be returning it this week to the library. It is juvenile fiction and if read would be 6th grade level. As a listen along CD I really enjoyed the adventure and especially the vicarious airship technology.
      > Captain GM Cline
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