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103Re: [Airship_Adventures_Sky_Lions] Re: GAME TURN VII Late March 1851

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  • kenneth_vanpelt@comcast.net
    Jan 19, 2010

      "Gentlemen (as the GM's voice booms over the ship's speakers) this is your captain speaking."


      "In Airship adventures you follow a sequenced turn order as follows:

      'all airship captains will ascertain the current wind speed and move their ship at their discretion 0, 1, or 2 adjacent territories as permitted'


      'if a territory contains a mission you may attempt it and you may attempt all such missions declared for a territtory even combining two such missions.'


      "Win or lose the mission is discarded after the attempt."


      "our game is set up so that in one week of real time you may cruise your ship to new territories twice.  The sequence is move, mission, after action.

      In your write ups I really like the color we have all added to our adventure.  Keep it, but reference the mission you are solving by number and overall territory name."


      Include anything else in your reaction to the game but to make it easy to follow for writing the next turn I need to take off missions so they are not reoccuring week after week.


      "You may return to your duty stations - that is all"







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      I need rules clarification! If I read John's last entry correctly, on his first turn, he retried a mission from the previous week and then flew to Siberia. In his second turn, he flew into the Urals, completed a mission and then flew into the Ukraine.

      If this is correct, here are my questions:
      1. If a mission is attempted, whether it's a success or not, it's not available again, right?
      2. If we have the movement, can we fly, complete a mission and then fly again? I've been playing under the assumption that once you take a mission in a territory, then your movement is finished. Looking back through the rules, all it states is that there are four phases in a turn. I don't recall anyone moving, missioning (great, new word) and then moving again, but I could be wrong.

      John, this isn't a slight on your game turn. Your missions and delivery, if I read it correctly and are legit, are groundbreaking!

      --- In Airship_Adventures_Sky_Lions@yahoogroups.com, "jovanpe@..." <jovanpe@...> wrote:
      > Captain's Log Late March 1851
      > Believing we had a little time (and with not much wind to speak of so we were not missing out), we decided to try our hand at delivering food to Gorbachev's village again. We packed nearly the entire back half of the airship with food and headed out, prior to turning our sight to the west, passing through Siberia on our way to London.
      > This time, our mission was an outstanding success (adventure roll of 66 + 0). Gorbachev was so pleased, he not only provided treatment for Brullov, he also gave us the efforts of many of the village's craftsmen to build a luxury stateroom (roll of 1 after deciding to add an attachment). This will not only provide us with a more refined atmosphere for our diplomatic missions (D -- +3), but it will also enhance our transportation capabilities (T -- +1), by providing us with more spacious and comfortable berths.
      > On a light wind of 33 knots we flew into Siberia. We rested there overnight as we believed the wind was going to pick up the next day. We were not disappointed as the wind came in all out from the East, at 100 knots. We rushed through the Urals, stopping to pick up Vladimir Zolotov, a former aide to Tsar Nicholas I turned anarchist.
      > Our mission was deemed a critical total success (adventure roll of 94 + 1 = 95) as we spirited Zolotov away just before the tsar's forces could arrive at the anarchist encampment. (We must state here that we do not agree with the political aims of anarchists; we do, however, agree with cash.) We earned three additional victory points bringing our total to 19.
      > We also discovered that Zolotov has studied combat in the Far East, attaining the esteemed classification of a ninja. He is notorious for his foot attack, known as the "Zolotov Kicktail." He said the safest place for him during these tumultuous times would be with us on our airship, so he was hired on as a ninja (M -- +1; X -- +1; D -- +1).
      > After our work with Zolotov, we got back to the skies to catch more of the strong wind, which carried us on for the first time into Europe, stopping in the Ukraine. We all hope the wind holds up, so we can arrive in London in time for the Regatta.
      > Captain I.M. Wetinmybritches
      > March 26, 1851

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