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Re: [Airolite_Boats] Re: Looking for Greg Paris; happy autumn

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  • bschless@rasco.com
    I stuck a nice wide screwdriver through my Classic 10 a week before launch time. I took some scrap dacron and glued it over the hole with SuperGlue. I was
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      I stuck a nice wide screwdriver through my Classic 10' a week before launch time.  I took some scrap dacron and glued it over the hole with SuperGlue.  I was so darn mad with myself I hit it with a coat of spray clear polyeutethane and aid top heck with it.  That was six months ago.  In the meantime I've had it out in turbulent waves on the ocean (well, not too turbulent!) and fished til the stripers left, and nary a drop through the hole.  The boats will tend to leak a bit anyway; this coating isn't an exact science.  But I wouldn't worry about it.  Just patch it up and use it, and, as my buddy says "quit yer complainin'!".

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      Re: [Airolite_Boats] Re: Looking for Greg Paris; happy autumn

      Like I said, this is a non-Monfort design. It was done in a class at
      my local Community College. It was one layer of Dacron (the heaviest
      available, apparently), with no roving. The rip ran from where it
      stabbed through until it hit the plywood station, about 6 inches.

      I used one coat of clear Poly-Brush to fill the fibers, then several
      layers of water-based exterior spar urethane (Varathane 2501?).
      Stringers spread about 6 inches, plywood stations about 24.

      For a permanent repair, I used a sheet of Heat-N-Bond, and a few more
      coats of Varathane. This has held up pretty well, though it is helped
      by the fact that I left the gorilla tape on the inside in place.
      Since this is where my feet rest, I didn't want to put extra stress on
      the heat-n-bond.


      On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 5:24 AM, rueffingkidding
      rueffingkidding@...> wrote:

      > Unfotunate. Glad you made it back to your ride without further
      > incident. Were you able to make a permanent repair later? Could you
      > give us more "forensic" information (such as: One Dacron
      layer or
      > two? What was the sealing agent [latex paint, polyurethane varnish,
      > something else]? Stringer and cross-member spacing? Did you
      > triangulate with the recommended Kevlar roving?) This could help us
      > understand the effect of variations, as well as the weaknesses of
      > original concept and designs... Thanks.
      > -Roland

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