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Re: [Airolite_Boats] Couple of setbacks

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  • Roger L
    Sounds about right. Welcome to the world of wood. It s light, strong, cheap, and sometimes has a mind of its own. Don t expect it to be perfect. Or the boat to
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      Sounds about right. Welcome to the world of wood. It's light, strong, cheap, and sometimes has a mind of its own. Don't expect it to be perfect. Or the boat to be perfectly straight.
      For ash and cutting it into ribs, I'd ask at a small local woodworking/cabinet shop. Most towns have some source of cabinetry wood....but sometimes it isn't obvious. Around here we buy air dried hardwood and ash at a local antique shop. The owner's husband is a woodmilling hobbyist. Your local custom woodworker will know & can direct you. I'd be surprised if he wasn't fascinated by the Airolite boat.
      Strongbacks get better with age as they settle down. Clamp or wood screw it together and expect to have to adjust, shim, and refasten it as it cures. No biggie. A cheap laser level is worth it's weight in gold for this. When buying wood at a bulk lumber store - like Home Depot - sort through for the straightest  and lightest weight planks and boards they have....less moisture means less warp yet to happen... Boards with some greyish deadwood (but no rot) in them are often real stable.
           good luck,   Roger L.
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      From: Phil Peck
      Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012 8:46 AM
      Subject: Re: [Airolite_Boats] Couple of setbacks

      Unless you get a good strong back you will have many more set-backs.  just figuare on building more than one boat or selling the strong back to a local.  I always build my strongbacks out of plywood.  A sheet  of what they use for roof sheeting works and is cheap.  I build mine in 8 ft sections with a inside (boot) to screw the two pieces together though tiying them together on the outside would work.  I went the extra mile and screwed  tee legs to it with casters so I can move it around.  but my floor is level.
      the video on you tube   airolite  nimrod  is very helpful
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      From: ryanseo
      Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2012 11:11 PM
      Subject: [Airolite_Boats] Couple of setbacks


      I just completed a strong back but it's not straight. Apparently pine boards werent flat nor straight. I guess I will use levels and strings to align template boards. Another disappointment was the luan boards. I left them out in the sun for a couple of hours and they all curled up. Waisted $10. I'll try cardboards instead.

      Found a lumber who has air dried ashes in NY but they weren't interest in any small projects.

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