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Re: [Airolite_Boats] Georges 3D tool ?

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  • Roger L
    Hello. I m another one of the members who rarely posts but plans to maybe build an airolite someday. Your mention of 3-D programs to use caught my eye because
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      Hello. I'm another one of the members who rarely posts but plans to maybe build an airolite someday.
       Your mention of  3-D programs to use caught my eye because I recently had the same question. I'm an old artist/designer/engineer so I know people who do a lot of that type of work.
      The answer I got back is that the thing to look for is how flexible the program is at importing files made in other programs, since most programs can now import work done on other CAD programs and you do a lot of that. The most commonly used format for 3-D CAD work is still the somewhat dated "IGES" file format.  There are better ones, but that one is free, common, and transfers to most programs. So whatever program you get it needs to read other program's IGES files at a minimum. Not surprisingly, programs vary in how well they import files, and what information they can or will extract from a fairly universal IGES format.
      When I asked what program they used, most of them used whatever was provided at work, and it varied widely. When I asked what they used at home or just for their own hobbies, most of them use a program called SolidWorks. So I tried it. Nice intuitive program with a built-in tutor. The various versions of the program - including older ones - all seem to talk to one another well.
             Roger L.
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      Sent: Friday, November 11, 2011 8:04 AM
      Subject: [Airolite_Boats] Georges 3D tool ?

      What 3D program are you using.   I would like
      to know the easiest and most affordable 3D program
      to use.  Can you make suggestions ?

      --- In Airolite_Boats@yahoogroups.com, Georg Albrecht <galbrechtch@...> wrote:
      > Hi Joel
      > Thanks for starting this group. I always read the postings with interest.
      > I joined the group about 1 1/2 years ago shortly after purchasing the plans for a Blivit 13 and starting this project with lots of questions.
      > The boat is still under construction, mainly because of the changes I made to the original design by integrating a swing centerboard and a different mast-boom design.
      > Due to the lack of exact drawings for the suggested swing board http://gaboats.com/tutorials/nopincenterboard.html used for a Blivit 12, I decided to CAD the whole boat first in 3D.
      > It turned out to be a good decision saving me from a lot of problems. All internal bracing had to be redesigned and the keel widened to accept the new center case. I think I came up with quite an elegant solution and this weekend I hopefully will get a positive confirmation as I am assembling and gluing all the internal parts in place.
      > By the way, I am using all mahogany wood for the entire boat and I definitively will post photos of the finished product before launching it next spring.
      > I am wondering how many group members have built a Blivit? So far I know only from one Canadian fellow.
      > Thanks and best regards
      > Georg


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    • Aaron Wood
      Hi Scott! The stoves are great, no question. I don t use one. They re especially good when cooking vs. cooking over an open fire. The fire was just for warmth
      Message 44 of 44 , Nov 19, 2011
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        Hi Scott!

        The stoves are great, no question. I don't use one. They're especially good when cooking vs. cooking over an open fire. The fire was just for warmth for me so open fire is ok.

        Tent or some sort of shelter is necessary this time of year here. Its very wet with frequent rain. I use a small tent.


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        Subject: [Airolite_Boats] Re: Recent trip in my Arrow 14


        Do you burn your wood in an open fire pit or did you bring
        any kind of collapsable stove ? The stoves consume much
        less wood and make your wood go a lot farther.

        Also, did you bring a small tent or did you sleep in the open ?


        --- In Airolite_Boats@yahoogroups.com, AARON WOOD <a_wood_@...> wrote:
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        > From: AARON WOOD <a_wood_@...>
        > To: "Airolite_Boats@yahoogroups.com" <Airolite_Boats@yahoogroups.com>
        > Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2011 1:52:28 PM
        > Subject: [Airolite_Boats] Recent trip in my Arrow 14
        > Hey all!
        > Just thought you all might enjoy the pics and notes from this trip I just finished.  Since finishing my boat I've wanted to take it on a trip to see how it is to actually use compared to my other boats.  
        > This was a solo trip through a park here in Ontario named Killarney.  50+ kilometers total over 3 days with almost 7 km. of portaging.  Didn't baby the boat, but brought duct tape expecting to need it.  Ran it up on beaches, on rocks also while fully loaded (this accidentally!) and dragged over beaver dams.  Driving with it on my car has always worried me especially when in windy conditions.  Over 900 kilometers of driving on this trip, almost half in super windy crosswind conditions, at normal highway speeds.  All this without any damage whatsoever beyond paint scuffs.  The fabric (only single layer on my boat) is fine.  I'm very impressed!!
        > Pictures and comments here.
        > Cheers all!
        > Aaron
        > P.S. If I get a chance I'll post a pic of the hull bottom, including the worst of the scrapes, soon.
        > http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150930979250018.753703.619465017&type=1&l=ef51d0316b
        > Cheers,
        > Aaron

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