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Re: [Airolite_Boats] Durability of Single Dacron Covering

  • Steve Hazel
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      This crazy guy on you tube shows how durable it is against a hammer. http://youtu.be/3Xb_21OLjHE

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      Put on 6 oz fiberglass.  You'll thank me in 5 years!
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      I am moving along with my Whitehall Jr. and getting closer to the point of putting on the Dacron covering.   I am a little concerned about the durability factor as we have sharp zebra mussels, lots of rocks and a couple kids, so I am considering putting on a double layer as Pratt suggests or even a layer of 4 or 6 oz.  fiberglass.   In the archives I see when some have done the fiberglass with some success.   Any thoughts/tips on the double layer of Dacron?   Is the single layer really enough to last a few years with careful handling?
      Thanks in advance for your help.


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