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AWE Encampment Strategy

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  • dave santos
    In order to speed up AWES R&D progress, an AWE Encampment strategy has been devised. The first official Encampment, open to all serious developers, is soon
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2013
      In order to speed up AWES R&D progress, an AWE Encampment strategy has been devised. The first "official" Encampment, open to all serious developers, is soon to begin outside of Austin, Texas, and will run about a month (Texas AWE Encampment (TAE)). 

      A bit of explanation helps to understand why the AWE Encampment process is essential. Veteran tech developers know that real progress is fundamentally driven by a day-to-day process of hands-on experimentation. Starting from background study and marginal functionality, thousands of small improvements emerge in constant testing, a handful of key "working discoveries" are siezed on, and the result is often-enough a winning design. This is the famous Iterative Spiral, as a proven "social Genetic Algorithm" for engineering optimization.

      Unlike many tech challenges, where shop-rats in a garage or warehouse in San Jose is enough, AWES operational R&D is fundamentally an outdoor activity, of vital "field-work". A specific key to productive AWE development is to have a windy location with nearby shop facilities, and build "flight-hours". Local human and social factors also count. See previous posts about what an ideal AWE R&D kite farm would be. AWE Encampments are similar in function, but with a sort of festival-event dynamic added. Kite-powered music is a special feature of early AWE Encampment theory. Kite training (and recreation) will be a synergistic Encampment attraction.

      Follow-on AWE Encampments will occur worldwide, as local conditions allow. The Pacific NW will host a follow-on Encampment (after Texas). Scotland and Italy Encampments are in feasibility planning. The request for a German AWE Encampment component never got a reply from AWEC2013 planners, but a Northern EU AWE Encampment could bring together a lot of the greatest talent in a more intensive format than a conference can offer.

      A movement of AWE Encampments will coordinate the knowledge harvest via social media. The Net allows to telepresence field-work, to eliminate excessive travel need. Long Encampment visits also maximize the worth of travel carbon-offsets. Many folks will be able to attend regional Encampments, as the movement matures.  Eventual "endless" AWE Encampments can even directly transition into the first permanent economically self-sustaining Kite Farms.

      The open AWE Encampment model is a product of open-AWE circles working under Cooperative Principles. Therefore the use (and prevention of abuse) of the AWE Encampment (TM) model is hereby assigned to the Kite Power Cooperative as CC BY NC SA IP, to be managed for the benefit of all stakeholders.

      Consider starting the AWE Encampment for your region. The first-ever event, the Texas AWE Encampment, needs you. Please help in any way you can.

      Contact Ed Sapir to participate-  edoishi@yahoo-com


      Quazi-encampment models that did not work so well-

      - Short duration field demonstrations.
      - Commuting to Hawaii.
      - Remote "middle-of-nowhere" experiments.
      - Public beaches, urban parks, congested airspaces.
      - Private test sites with "not-invented-here" and "stealth-venture" biases.
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