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AWEC Ethical Standards //Re: Springer Open-Access option rejected

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  • dave santos
    PJ, You wrote-  Many recent communications from you have not appeared to be following this (GSA ethics) Code. Please be specific, out of fairness: What exact
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 9, 2012

      You wrote- "Many recent communications from you have not appeared to be following this (GSA ethics) Code."

      Please be specific, out of fairness: What exact comments failed the ethical standards we agreed to aspire to? I can then retract and apologize for them. Likewise, my prior ethical complaints about Uwe Ahrens' (NTS/textbook/AWEC) conflicts-of-interest are hereby referenced with respect to our adoptive ethical code-

      The Sciences and Profession
      "Geoscientists should ensure that their scientific contributions, and those of their collaborators, are thorough, accurate, and unbiased in design, implementation, and presentation..maintain integrity in all conduct and publications... Conflicts of interest and scientific misconduct, such as...omission/suppression of results...are incompatible with this Code.

      My specific ethical complaint is that Uwe has a professional conflict-of-interest between his investors interests* and best-practice science. The fear is that his book will therefore tend toward "omission/supression of results" that invalidate the NTS technology model and business claims. I am drafting a preliminary list of AWES engineering-science findings contradictory to NTS claims that seem in danger of omission/suppression.

      Thanks for finally making ethics at least a professed AWEC priority. This is a fine first test if such a commitment was sincere. Ignoring unethical behavior, like you suggest, may be grossly negligent,


      * Credo- NTS Management Objectives ...The management commits itself to conduct business in a manner to generate and safeguard long-term value for clients, suppliers, investors and employees. 

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      Sent: Friday, November 9, 2012 4:11 PM
      Subject: Re: Springer Open-Access option rejected


      Please copy my pj@... email address for AWEC related issues.

      I realize that this message was not written to me, but I'm going to comment anyway.

      You wrote to me, copying 12 others, on August 28, 2012 "Lets henceforth formally follow the excellent GSA Code of Conduct," and I thought that there was an agreement that we would do this.


      Many recent communications from you have not appeared to be following this Code. The consequence will likely be that these communications will be ignored.

      What would be most helpful would be if you would use your abundant energy and knowledge to help move the industry forward by initiating your own projects that speak more to your own and some others' core values instead of wasting that energy trying to reshape the efforts of others to fit them into your preferred ideological molds.

      As has been pointed out in the past you and AWEIA could certainly originate your own conference, which would allow you to do it your own way. 

      You and AWEIA could start your own Open Access book or journal project, on line project, or perhaps continue one using Energy Kite Systems.net.

      None of us is going to stand in your way of initiating / leading such efforts or others of your own. These positive efforts could be additive to moving the industry forward. If your ideas turn out to be better, they will prevail. Until a competitive choice is offered, we'll never know.

      Sincere best wishes for your successes in any of the above that you might envision and initiate, and, also, with your own AWE project - Mothra 1, 2 and counting.


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      Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2012 11:12:21 -0800 (PST)
      From: dave santos
      Subject: Springer Open-Access option rejected
      To: "AirborneWindEnergy@yahoogroups.com"
      Cc: Uwe Ahrens , "P. Shepard" , Guido Lütsch , Moritz Diehl , Joe Faust , John Oyebanji , Richard Ampyx
      Dear Roland, Moritz, and Uwe

      Thanks for responding to the urgent Springer Textbook question. 

      Its sad a decision was privately made to reject the Springer Open Access option and enforce a flawed "classical publishing agreement" that is far less progressive than evolving modern best-practice. Whoever signed this book deal deserves blame for greatly discouraging vital participation by the growing open-source knowledge movement in AWE. Of course i would have gladly contributed and helped raise funds for an open-knowledge project! Instead, folks like me are compelled to withhold submitting "chapters". Its sad NTS refused to cover this particular expense from its PR budget, since it unfairly counts on being preferentially featured.

      Everyone should know that Springer is just a resold brand with chequered roots, not really a reliable world standard of scientific excellence that Uwe seems to imagine. Low current standards at Springer seem to explain how he mysteriously became Lead Editor. Despite a confused denial, he clearly does have major conflicts-of-interest in all this-

      For the good of the AWE community, Uwe should resign as lead Editor, and let Moritz be the far better qualified choice. 

      With deep regrets,


      PS So who will respond to the specific questions about AWEC governance and the Berlin conference planning?  Should we write these questions off as more private dealings being covered-up? Many of our Berlin hopes are being crushed.

      PPS I will next respond to Uwe's request in detail ("explain to the whole community what [my] problem is (with NTS)").

      From: Roland Schmehl - LR
      To: dave santos
      Cc: Uwe Ahrens ; P. Shepard ; Guido Lütsch ; Moritz Diehl ; Joe Faust ; John Oyebanji ; Richard Ampyx ; AWE
      Sent: Friday, November 9, 2012 6:26 AM
      Subject: [AWES] Re: AW: AW: AW: AWEC Governance? AWEC2013 Planning?

      Dear Dave,
      I am responding to you on behalf of the editors of the planned AWE book.
      We have a classical publishing agreement with Springer.
      That means, the book can not be open-access for which the complete financing, also from the side of the publisher, would have to be raised upfront.
      If you want to contribute to the financing let us know, maybe we can make a proposal later to Springer.
      Springer is of course one of the top publishers for such a scientific textbook.
      They have an excellent reputation and generally a high impact factor, both important aspects.
      Besides this, Email and regular mail addresses of authors are included in the articles and in this way, articles can always be requested from the authors directly.
      And, after all, a book can be requested from a library.
      Best regards,

      On 11/05/2012 07:36 PM, dave santos wrote:

      Did you miss the key question about whether the AWE textbook follows Springers' Open-Access options? The topic is not mentioned in the textbook "Objectives", nor anywhere else we know.

      I sent questions weeks ago, and a link to Springers' page on the subject-

      If the book is open-access, expect the open-source crowd to be supportive.

      Sorry for any oversight on my part, if notice was made,


      From: Uwe Ahrens
      To: dave santos ; P. Shepard ; Guido Lütsch ; Moritz Diehl ; Roland Schmehl - LR
      Cc: Joe Faust ; John Oyebanji ; Richard Ampyx ; AWE
      Sent: Monday, November 5, 2012 12:11 PM
      Subject: AW: AW: AW: AWEC Governance? AWEC2013 Planning?

      Dear Dave,
      please move to
      and explain the whole community what your problem is. The Springer Verlag has a worldwide reputation.
      Best regards
      Von: dave santos [mailto:santos137@...]
      Gesendet: Montag, 5. November 2012 18:56
      An: Uwe Ahrens; P. Shepard; Guido Lütsch
      Cc: Joe Faust; John Oyebanji; Richard Ampyx; AWE
      Betreff: Re: AW: AW: AWEC Governance? AWEC2013 Planning?
      Recall the question posed to you repeatedly about whether the Springer book will be Open-Access (?). This is the precise test for many of us as to whether any submission is desirable. 
      Nobody in US circles expects academic impartiality from secretive venture capitalists who make claims in that regard. Some sort of strong track-record or third-party validation is required. Perhaps German VCs are different, but how can one tell?
      I am very sad that expectations of a wonderful Berlin conference seem in vain, and that other plans must be made,

      From: Uwe Ahrens <Uwe.Ahrens@...>
      To: dave santos <santos137@...>; P. Shepard <pj@...>; Guido Lütsch <Guido.Luetsch@...>
      Cc: Joe Faust <joefaust333@...>; John Oyebanji <johnoyebanji@...>; Richard Ampyx <richard@...>; AWE <AirborneWindEnergy@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Monday, November 5, 2012 11:41 AM
      Subject: AW: AW: AWEC Governance? AWEC2013 Planning?
      Dear Dave,
      we also (members of the NTS Team) will write parts of the first book about AWE.
      The Springer Verlag asked me to find further editors and publishers.
      So I can´t discover any conflict of interest because the most people in our community know NTS and me. And you have been invited to write also an article but I have never got an answer.  You are still invited to write an abstract to Moritz, Roland or me and it will be checked honest according to the rules of scientific books. Of course without any guarantee for a release to print your article.
      But this is the traditional way to find authors for scientific books.
      And be assured we have a strong and open report policy to our investors, public, friends and connected scientists.
      Best regards
      Ps.: if you have trouble with me let me know the reason.
      Von: dave santos [mailto:santos137@...]
      Gesendet: Montag, 5. November 201
      2 18:22
      An: Uwe Ahrens; P. Shepard; Guido Lütsch
      Cc: Joe Faust; John Oyebanji; Richard Ampyx; AWE
      Betreff: Re: AW: AWEC Governance? AWEC2013 Planning?
      Dear Uwe,
      Thanks for your reply. It is likely the strangest PR message most of us in global AWE R&D circles will be able to recall. 
      The Mother-of-all-VC-NDAs must have been imposed on you, your staff, and founding investors. How this also ties your hands regarding questions about public events like AWEC2013 and the editorial policies of the Springer book is hard to comprehend or accept. You throw in total doubt how impartially and sensibly you and NTS can perform in such roles. 
      AWEC has clearly not reformed, but is worse-off than ever, with such self-serving member ethos controlling behind the scenes. We can expect harm to open AWE engineering-science, but also critical technical shortcomings in NTS's prematurely down-selected AWES architecture. 
      It will be interesting to see how you manage to serve so many conflcting interests. Beware raising major funds without warning your investors of the specific risks of this private strategy, and the gathering public critiques. Prepare your advisory board for current and pending questions regarding NTS public leadership roles and insider ethics (conflict of interests, speculative profiteering from global crisis (eg. NTS's early Africa patent initiative)). The open AWE community will continue looking for open impartial industry leaders elsewhere. 
      Please understand the intense natural curiosity NTS generates by such a strict avowal of corporate secrecy,

      From: Uwe Ahrens <Uwe.Ahrens@...>
      To: dave

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    • Joe Faust
      AWE Glossary entry on page e ethics in kite energy and AWE * The preliminary model for an AWE industry ethics code has been selected by several leaders:
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 9, 2012
        AWE Glossary entry on page "e"

        ethics in kite energy and AWE

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