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Final Countdown- 300m2 Tarp Kite Update

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  • dave santos
    An extended period of wonderful rain showers is passing here in Austin, with the sunbaked heat due to return. The Mothra1 fifty-tarp kite is essentially
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 19, 2012
      An extended period of wonderful rain showers is passing here in Austin, with the sunbaked heat due to return. The "Mothra1" fifty-tarp kite is essentially complete, having taken rather longer than first imagined to properly work out. While its materials and methods are simple, the rigging tricks and overall ensemble proved quite complex.
      At the local Valley Way Hay Farm, we dug four anchor holes to three feet with a 12" auger mounted on an Ag tractor PTO and placed the anchor hardware. Could this be the overdue first fixed AWE Kite Farm anchor installation?  The Kite-Grass Hybrid Energy Farm idea is being put into practice. No material impact is foreseen on hay production from the kite gear. There is a site concern about mud during wet weather impacting kite operations. The  vehicle swallowing soil-type is a sticky black gumbo with a thin thatch surface and sparse Johnson and Bermuda Grass that endured the deep drought last year.

      The surface Cableway Traveler turned out nice, industrial hardware to last a lifetime, enabling rotation of the arch up 40 deg along a 100' ground-cableway. Thus, for rolling and belaying the arch around a large circle, with eight or so anchors, every position is covered. But we did not sink the entire anchor circle, counting on a prevailing summer wind direction of 130 to 180 here to allow validation of the weathercocking feature. with only one set of three anchors.. A portage cart puts the ~100kg kite on wheels, for easy one-person handling. Some techniques have been figured out; like how to reorient a giant kite laid out on the field (roll it up, move the roll on wheels, then unroll in the new position).
      The kite has been delivered to the field. We will encamp as long as needed to get a maiden flight and build some flight hours. The weak winds, with convective instabilities, should provide a nice mix of tame and challenging conditions to explore.

      "One of these mornin's you gonna rise up singin'
      You gonna spread your little wings and you'll take to the sky"
    • Joe Faust
      The Kite from You re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!
      Message 2 of 4 , Jul 19, 2012
      • Joe Faust
        The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show Episode KITE
        Message 3 of 4 , Jul 19, 2012
        • Joe Faust
          Death Kite: A Charlie Brown Horror Movie That s All Folks!
          Message 4 of 4 , Jul 19, 2012
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