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WSIKF AWE Report Part 2- KiteLab Demos

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  • dave santos
    2009 was KiteLab s third year demoing AWE at WSIKF (Washington State International Kite Festival).   Highlights-   A tethered HotWing foil wowed the
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 9, 2009
      2009 was KiteLab's third year demoing AWE at WSIKF (Washington State International Kite Festival).
      A tethered HotWing foil wowed the festival crowd on Thursday. Its truly the tip of a HAWT without all the excess structure. These wings are much hotter than the stock sport kites KiteLab uses for COTS AWE to drive a generator by a string A-frame or tri-tether. Kids loved it. Some kite pros thought it was uncanny, scary even, but on close inspection found it safe (low mass & soft).
      KiteLab's utility arch flew halyard experiments on Monday, arch & train day. Jason Jolivet assisted & proved an apt student. A finding is that kite arch/lattice halyards/haul line loops need to have both lines well separated by a spread fair-lead or twist-up is probable.
      The above jpg was not exactly the configuration flown at WSIKF, its missing the the big HQ XXL sled. The scrap kite in the fore-sky, made from old tents, caused merriment. Its a serious example of a powerful utility pilot/lifter made from salvage material. Detail-
      KiteLab's little "reference" flygen flew nicely all afternoon on Saturday.
      On Tuesday Iqbal Hussein, an invited kite star, helped set up & fly a small membrane wing mill generating electricity using John Borsheim's spragged flywheel generator. Detail-
      David Gomberg, a top kite showman & manufacture, checked out KiteLab AWE tech for the second fest this year (Austin Kite Fest last March). He was amused by this macho KiteLab hyperwinder.
      Scott Slater was at WSKIF this year & confirms his 2400 sq ft Osborne pararfoil is available for AWE research. Here is a strange trick. He flies the kite low (~60 ft), which means its unstable, as the giant kite's loop frequency closely matches the tether frequency. Sooner or later, usually after an hour or two, it hooks into the ground & he bags it. This is how he manages to bring it down single-handed without fail!
      A Tal Streeter UFO was being flown at WSIKF on four lines & is surely the "sideways flying" wonder Drachen's Dave Lang & Joe Hadzicki wished for. Its a round hoop with fabric stretched across it & a hole in the middle. It originally sold as a sort of flying disc yo-yo.
      Tomorrow is the One Sky One World kite peace fest here on The Peninsula. KiteLab will perform dual varidrogue & minimalist surf-zone energy experiments.

    • Joe Faust
      http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/scrapkite.jpg http://energykitesystems.net/DaveSantos/WSIKF2009Augustflygen.jpg
      Message 2 of 3 , Oct 10, 2009
      • Joe Faust
        Message 3 of 3 , Oct 10, 2009
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