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12553pumping for water

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  • dougselsam
    Apr 15, 2014
      Most wind turbines in the world are still for pumping water.  Here, our water table is 700 - 900 feet below ground.  Some people say there's no point in having a well since the electricity to pump the water costs as much as your water bill would cost.  I'm still hoping maybe someone with a humping idea would find a way to get it to do some pumping.  It seems like, if you have a reciprocating application, that would the best place to employ a reciprocating working surface, since you could then bypass Rube Goldberg/Dr.Seuss and just connect the load and go for it.
      Think about it:  eliminate the cranks, flywheels, generator, possible inverter, possible batteries, electric lines, switches, and pump motor, and just tie a knot or tighten a cable-clamp instead.  Seems like there should be existing farm wells available that need pumping.
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