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12532Re: [AWES] Paleolithic AWE, AWE as a Newborn Baby, and the AWE Race

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  • dave santos
    Apr 14, 2014
      Lets agree that AWE is still AWE when flown even below tower heights, but what will ultimately count is tapping upper winds, given the vast need for the vast resource. The paleo-winnowing AWE case occurred without reference to future wind towers.

      A tangible kite energy case is how kite boarding has replaced water skiing using a ski-boat. Similarly, the new sport of snow-kiting displaces diesel ski-lifts, rendering Kansas suddenly more attractive than Aspen as a winter playground.
      On Sunday, April 13, 2014 6:20 PM, "joefaust333@..." <joefaust333@...> wrote:
      A masters degree student might explore the load total of power-kiting: snow, ice, land, water: where the wind is used to move people here to there. The time spent under tethered wing might be saving fuel (the pilots are not driving fueled vehicles during the hours of self transport; they are probably choosing their activity instead of power-vehicle runs).   The count of participants?   The amount of wind energy converted to the transport?  
           A larger participating space regards recreational and sport kiting by young and old ... around the world ... millions of participants. The wind's energy is converted by kiting system to move fingers, arms, legs, etc. The participants are not in those hours playing with fueled vehicles, mostly.  Count the cities; someone might study this and come up with a good estimate of wind energy converted to mechanical energy. City flys, park and recreation annuals, festivals, picnic, parents and children exploring, hobbyists, sports, competitions, contests. ...    How much energy conversion is in this space?

      ~ JoeF

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