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12516Spinnaker as Ideal AWES Soft-Kite Similarity Case (update and review)

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  • dave santos
    Apr 13, 2014
      The modern spinnaker sail is an advanced COTS wing with high single-skin power-to-weight, unbeatable at lower wind velocities It launches and douses in seconds by a spinnaker-sock; an optimal model for reducing CF for storms or reeling recovery. Spinnakers even fly as kites as is (not easy, but powerful) and the KiteShip OL Ship Kite (easier to fly) is essentially an upside down spinnaker, brilliantly re-conceived. Costs are far lower by area than any other wing class.

      In sailboat racing, asymmetric spinnakers now dominate crosswind, beating mass-comparable wingsails in all but the windiest conditions. Crosswind spinnaker-like kites are inherently suited for driving back and forth along crosswind AWES paths. North Sails, the maker of SkySails 300m2 parafoil, also makes the largest asymmetric spinnaker, at 1500m2, mega-power for mega-yachts, and surely adaptable to AWE (ie. paired into an arch powerkite (CC). KiteShip's OL and kPower's Mothra are the only other SS contenders in this scale range.

      Spinnaker-like wings will play a major AWES role in "most probable wind".

      Wikipedia's spinnaker page has grown-

      Large spinnaker-handling by sock method, for AWE emulation-

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