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12131Fw: Best AWE Beta-Site (Necker Island)

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  • dave santos
    Mar 23, 2014
      Sir Richard Branson is a world record aviator, kitesurfer, and pro-AWE billionaire who has announced an ambitious renewable energy program (carbonwarroom.com) across the Carribbean Island chain, starting with his own island (Necker Island). A SkySails graphic appears in Peter Boyd's TEDX presentation on the program.

      The BVI-Necker wind is first-rate, and the quality-of-life and capital access not too bad either. Three 100kW HAWTs are planned, but noise and impact on the landscape is a challenge. AWE could show the way around wind power issues of high capital cost, noise, and visual downsides.

      Here is a playful kPower graphic regarding Necker as an AWES beta-site-