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11865Re: [AWES] Enhanced winds from a Mothra arch kite

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  • Rod Read
    Mar 6, 2014
      Now excuse me for being a bit thick.
      I have difficulty seeing the difference between a looping parafoil under a Mothra
      and a Super Turbine (TM) under a Mothra.

      Surely an ST / LP could run on a mix of net tube and parafoil sails. Like a gas guzzling tornado!

      Looping Parafoils already carve out a course at a radius away from a central axis.
      That in itself could make an expanded tensioned net tube.
      Super Turbines can work in tension on a net tube.

      OK it's jerky ... that's why LP have used pulled pulses as the energy tap.
      But one LP alone...? why not have loads of LP on the net tube like loads of ST on a shaft?

      about autogyros type ST it was said
      the rotor blades would need to be hinged for autogyro efficiency
      Is that to smooth out the jerking at 7o clock in the cycle?

      All this head scratching no wonder there's a dandruff issue

      Rod Read

      Windswept and Interesting Limited
      15a Aiginis
      Isle of Lewis
      HS2 0PB

      01851 870878

      On 6 March 2014 04:10, dave santos <santos137@...> wrote:


      I intend that Mothras a mile across rapidly evolve to fly at the 2000ft FAA ceiling, with WECS arrays hung underneath at altitude, for up to a GW AWES unit rating. Enhancing conventional HAWTs with kite deflection is nice (its an early Forum topic), but its not the revolutionary solution GW unit-scale AWES would be.

      Testing and validation by engineering-science standards is the process, with lots of Professor-Mentors advising. Good luck trying to get anyone you call a "jerk" to do as you advise,


      On Wednesday, March 5, 2014 7:39 PM, "dougselsam@..." <dougselsam@...> wrote:
      You know what's funny Dave S.?
      I told you a way to have Mothra be relevant.
      And you don't need to even lift anything with it, just put one up over and in front of a regular commercial wind turbine, and watch the enhanced output.
      I have solved your main problem with your pet moth: that it has no inherent way to make power.  So use it as a shroud over a wind turbine.  Have Joe re-classify pushing wind down into a wind turbine as "kite energy" and you guys can be in kite heaven.  It is a project you could actually accomplish with your existing skillset - you don't actually need to learn anything about windmills or generating electricity.  Just put it up and measure the power increase, and yet this free idea from me seems to have gone right over your head.  Your response is I have secrets I'm not revealing.  (You have no idea how true that is.)  Well I just gave you one.  Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.  You won't be able to increase peak output at first, because that is already built into the turbine, but you could lower the wind speed range, moving the power curve to the left.  Oh well, moving the power curve to the left is only a holy grail of wind energy.  I guess you're therefore unfamiliar with the concept.  You should take something that could work and do it, because otherwise, at your present rate of progress, you will never get anywhere.  Just do it and stop acting like a jerk.
      Doug Selsam

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