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11433AWES fuels generators

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  • joe_f_90032
    Feb 8, 2014
      AWES fuels generators are devices that make fuels from the workings of AWES.

      AWES when specially designed with a "fuels generator" deposit a  fuel that may be used in remote or near locations sooner or later. Instead of churning out pulling, electricity, pumping, grinding, cutting, noise, light, etc. as a main gift, have an AWES churn out fuels. This is not a new idea and there are some patents expressing essentially this matter. Dave Lang and others have rehearsed AWES churning out hydrogen which hydrogen may be burned at near or distant locations sooner or later. Jon Chul Kim is one in our AWES community that has worked on AWES fuel generators. 

          One of the tasks in this arena is to identify the fuels that may be wanted; and then figure out how to integrate an AWES with a fuel generator that indeed deposit for the world the chosen fuel.  The article in Wikipedia very well may be incomplete and with errors since any editor may place text in the article without or without expertise:  wikifor fuel.

      AWES have already been proposed for transporting fuels made by fuel-generating AWES.  
      From time to time, feel free to discuss  in this topic thread FGA (fuel-generating AWES) or kite systems that churn out fuels. We have fellow Gabor Dobos who includes in his airborne untethered systems some similar matter, but if "fuel" regards "heat" as main focus, then the "air" that is in his focus might not exactly qualify. Up for discussion!

      Where will the FGA get the ingredients that will go into making the fuels?  How will the wind's energy route to play in the processes that will churn out the fuels? 

       ~ JoeF
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