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11251Re: [AWES] Positively-lifting tethers

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  • dave santos
    Jan 31, 2014
      We recall Dave Culp's old idea of Flying-Rope. A kite train or arch is indeed a natural flying-rope basis, and soft kites are easily stored on a reel. Ed Jensen even reels his sparred arches, with the spars laying across the spool. The SkyBow is "Flying Tape", and it reels neatly.

      Kite trains suited for altitude records work on the same flying-rope principle, which it turns out is like a staged rocket, in that upper-sections build upon the lift from lower sections.

      Upwind-tilted tethers are another path to self-lift. Of course, such tethers depend on an aerial upwind anchor, like a standard kite on a standard tether.

      On Friday, January 31, 2014 9:56 AM, "joefaust333@..." <joefaust333@...> wrote:
      Have a conventional simple kite system, say a one square meter Chinese butterfly-figured wing at the end of a 200 m common-design twine with the wing operating in positive-kiting mode. The tether is operating in itself during flight in "negative-kiting" mode; the twine is contributing negative lift and positive drag to the global kite system. 
      Now be challenged to have a tether for that positive-kiting-mode butterfly wing so that the tether operates with "positive-kiting."  The design of the tether would not be conventional.  The aim would be to have the new tether have a net positive lift and positive drag.  Aim to have the global distant appearance of the tether seem "common" but close-up appearance "uncommon" and special indeed. 

      Get far enough away from a train dense with miniature kite wings and the train might appear to be a positively-lifting "string" to the observe; step up close and see the unit wings and the connecting strings, yet the net L is positive during flight overcoming the contribution of the connecting tether segments.  Could even those connecting tethers be themselves even smaller trains of lifting wings, etc. 

      Aim that the "lifting complex tether" be reel-worthy!  That is, the winners will be able to be placed on reels not too unlike one reels common lines.

      So, in one sense we already have clumsy lifting tethers. Will we ever have very-easy-to-use lifting tethers (kite system main tethers that have positive kiting for the tether itself) ? 

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