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11173Re: [AWES] The almost complete lack of intelligence of humans

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  • dave santos
    Jan 27, 2014

      AWE is both windpower and aviation-aerospace (Energy Aviation), one cannot neglect either field and hope to succeed. Kites are a key technical specialty.

      Many of us truly embody the full AWE interdisciplinary requirement. Dave Lang, Chris Carlin, the Roeselers, Jalbert, the Wrights, JoeF, Wubbo, and so on. At least concede, that as a group, the aviation-oriented intelligence in AWE sums far beyond yours. 

      Human aviation is exquisitely energy-smart, as errors easily end in death. Backyard turbine "pilots" must have no idea how much more demanding aviation is, if they think like you. The last we were informed on your aviation experience, even your radio-control model escapes you.

      Our conventional windpower experts, like Coy Harris and Fort Felker, are first-rate, and true fans of pioneering AWE R&D. You and Gipe do not match them in reputation, knowledge, or accomplishment. Expect to be caught flat-footed by superior intelligence,


      On Monday, January 27, 2014 12:28 PM, "dougselsam@..." <dougselsam@...> wrote:
      Well, my take on your take of my take is this:
      Once again you are fixated on redefining words as a weak attempt to appear to win an argument in your own mind.  You've tried this repeatedly now.  Using the word "aviation", you attempt to negate everything I have said, since I talk about "wind energy" and you pretend that by substituting a mere word: "aviation", you have changed anything.  Nope, use whatever words you want, and nothing changes.  A rose is a rose, whatever you wanna call it.  The only reason you can identify the Kean turbine as a bad idea is from me constantly pointing out the features of successful versus unsuccessful turbines.  Otherwise you would look at the 100% solidity slanted surfaces and agree that he had "discovered" Newton's law of reaction for the first time, and also agree that the 100% solidity was a great leap in correcting the "air-leakage problem" imagined by all newbies.  There's nothing he says that disagrees with anything you typically say.  So there. :)

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