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10771Re: [AWES] FlipWing

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  • dave santos
    Dec 30 6:06 PM
      Right On Ed,

      So in simplified math, if we fairly presume 4Hz for the flipwing pumping frequency, and 3in for spring-travel (neglecting its small mass), and average the sine wave force amplitude you report (~25lbs) to 10lbs, we get 75W of raw power from a ~1m2 bit of fabric weighing ~4oz. Thats an easy 300W per lb power-to-weight (rather better than Makani Wing7) for a single-skin wing being held at belly-button level in a stiff breeze. The calculation is mostly rounded down, and we were also dissipating significant power in our bodies (as you noted, it hurts to try and hold the wing stiffly).

      We give kitemaker credit to 2kiteSam, who made this flipwing a couple of years ago, and note that kPower regards the novel flipwing as an interesting comparative test concept, NOT an AWES down-select, which for us still requires A LOT more testing of all AWES contenders (kiteplanes, rotor AWTs, spinwings, micro-turbine nets, skybows, varidrogues, etc., not to mention mothra arch variants, including galloping versions),


      On Sunday, December 29, 2013 1:44 PM, edoishi <edoishi@...> wrote:
      kPower demonstrates the power of a 3 meter wingspan FlipWing at the Texas AWE Encampment. Wind speed was approximately 18mph.  The metal spring scale was hard to hold in my bare hand (with the camera in the other hand) and therefore much power was lost through my body.  Stop motion on the camera revealed spikes up to 25 lbs. More accurate testing to follow.

      Scale demonstration anticipates giant wings flying high above the Earth. Ground based single stroke kite engines will harvest the power.

      kPower CC by 3.0

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