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  • Doug C
    I m not sure if AIRWIRE will in attendance, or if a vendor will have stock in . . . please contact and ask them !! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 3, 2006
      I'm not sure if AIRWIRE will in attendance, or if a vendor will have
      stock in . . . please contact and ask them !!

      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      Calgary Model Railway Societys SUPERTRAIN 2007,
      Canada's Largest Model Trains Show arrives again in the Big-4 Building,
      Stampede Park, Olympic Way SE, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

      Feb 17-18 2007, 9am-5pm daily.

      There will be 60,000 square feet of model trains in ALL Scales,
      including Garden Railway and LEGO.

      Also commercial sales, operating layouts/displays, artwork sales, and

      Admission: $7: Single entry; $4: Child under 12; $15: Family; and $1
      off admission with FoodBank donation.

      For additional information, Contact Mike Borkristl: 1-403-203-1970,
      * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      Additional location / driving direction aids;

      * * * * * * * * * * * *

      Thank you for your time and consideration,

      Doug Cannon


      p.s. If you're wondering which vendors are to be attendance .... Ask
      Mike (email is best) ! I've mentioned to him the interest of potential
      attendees of this information for another major shows, and recommended
      they ask our volunteer webmaster if possible to post a "as of " list
      say by mid-Jan (or sooner) !! Or as Harry H. (JJProductions) has
      suggested for LSTSs, contact your fave vendor(s) and ask them if they
      are attending !!

      p.p.s. Yep ! I have a back-up regional MR event to take in, IF funding
      falls thru to attend the 2nd annual SELSTS in Perry . . . the same
      weekend !
    • Doug C
      Recently i attempted to acquire a pic or two of the latest modular layout to be designed and assembled in NorthAmerica ! Alas, ST 07 is to be the official
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 14, 2007
        Recently i attempted to acquire a pic or two of the latest modular
        layout to be designed and assembled in NorthAmerica ! Alas, ST'07 is
        to be the official unveiling of this initiative by the local RMGR, as
        stated in the following response from their spokesperson {noted in the
        GR mag club listing};

        " Hi Doug, The KCM as you put it (Knee Cap Modules) were assembled for
        the first time last weekend at Crystal glass in ES Calgary. What a
        Huge success - SUCCESS that is. We were short 4 modules by D*S* yet we
        filled the area at C. Glass. The goal was to debug the electrical,
        ensure the fits are true fitting and we can run with out any major
        problems. Other than an odd muddles wiring... It was fantastic.
        Photos are not being released as the group is looking forward to the
        master unveiling at Super Trains. The major question is how do you
        service the middle of the module.... Well, everyone will have to wait
        and see. It is a unique design, tested and works like a charm. Trains
        ran very well with just the right amount of wiggle as they rumbled
        down the long straight sections and around the sweeping bends. This
        will be one run where we will have to use a video to catch all that is
        going on. NB there are two levels with multiple tracks and trains per
        track, so only about 18 sleeps until we let loose with the RMGRR
        Modular Mayhem. Cheers, See you at ST. Scotty "
        {i use the label "KCM", 'cause it is 22" high . . . . . they went with
        this height since the focus are the kids who tend to have the most
        interest in RMGR attended shows, and YES, the future of Model
        Railroading as a hobby . . . Indoors & Outdoors !! }

        ~ How big is "Canada's Largest . . ." ? Well if you base it on
        attendance, last year we had a record breaker of over 12,000 attendees
        ! With at least one vendor all the way from Hamilton,Ont. selling
        their GR wares and another from Kamloops (?) who actually did have
        some G-gauge within their booth !! {there were over 5 all-scale
        resellers with some GR, competitively priced too!}

        ~ As previously noted, parking on the grounds has increased this year
        to $10 !! SOOooooo if you historically don't buy more than a knapsack
        full of MR gear we recommend catching the very efficient,cheap, and
        safe -- CalgaryTransit LRT to "VictoriaPark/Stampede" Station,
        http://www.calgarytransit.com/Routes/lrt_stop.html , which is well
        within 1000feet of the BigFourBldg. where SUPERTRAIN is to be held
        (for the next couple yrs).
        {kudos to JJProduction of the EC/SW/MWLSTSs for constantly finding the
        large venues they have been able to utilize, with free parking}

        ~ Since last post I had received a teaser PM (via another forum) from
        the west coast, about a possible appearance by an exclusive G-gauge
        reseller but nothing tangible has been heard to come of that, nor
        verified by our (YES, totally volunteer) ST admin.
        If you wish a list of vendors or wonder why they don't supply a list
        online as large u.s. based TrainShows tend to do . . . please read
        previous postscript within intial post !

        ~ Weather !? Long range forecast is for +10c and sunny, so the 6
        inches of white stuff that has accumulated the last 7+ days will be
        turning more fluid

        Hasta Leugo,
        Doug Cannon

        "G-Gauge may not RULE, But it GROWS on YA !!" djc'99
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