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GP9 & Sierra install help (was "New member")

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  • Frolin Marek
    ... Anyone have any suggestions or ideas for Dave ? Frolin
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 3, 2006
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      --- "Dave Crocker" <dave_crocker@...> wrote:

      > I am currently converting a friends GP-9
      > to Airwire and have come across an anomoly
      > that maybe someone can solve. The engine had
      > an old remote control system controlling a
      > Sierra sound card. I have installed a
      > TCS FL-4 decoder between the Airwire and the
      > Sierra sound card to control bell/whistle etc.
      > Everything works normally except at power up.
      > When power is applied to the engine (handset on),
      > the bell rings until I hit F0 twice then
      > everything is normal.
      > When power is applied to the engine (handset off),
      > the bell and whistle ring. Turn on handset and
      > whistle stops, hit F0 and bell stops then again
      > everything is normal.
      > It seems the decoder is being initialized with
      > the CVs set high. The default value in each of
      > the CVs is hex 32 but I thought that would not
      > be applied until you hit the function button.
      > I've reversed the red/black pair from pins 4/5
      > of the Airwire and tried connecting black/white
      > decoder wire (ground) to pin 12 of the Sierra
      > unit but no difference.
      > I have not reprogrammed anything in the FL-4
      > away from it's factory presets.
      > Anyone have any ideas?
      > Dave Crocker

      Anyone have any suggestions or ideas for Dave ?

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