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    Subject: Yahoo Group - Message Guidelines *** MODERATOR STATEMENT *** AIRWIRE GROUP - MESSAGE BASE CONCEPTS Please take a minute to review some requested items
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 2013
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      Subject: Yahoo Group - Message Guidelines



      Please take a minute to review some requested items for posting and repling in this Yahoo Group Message Base.

      As we go in to this new year, we have a good chance to change some practices. These ideas can improve messages and help others benefit from the message area when searching for past information.

      Your support to improve the message base is greatly appreciated.


      - All Posts and Replies should be of material related to this group, or of a relation to this hobby

      - Always sign your message with your name (at least your first name)

      - With new Posts, use a good short 'Subject' that has key words to clearly summarizes the message
      ...good examples = "wiring receivers", "battery options", "programming CVs", bad = "have a question", "need help"

      - Never change the Subject line - if the message content is different, stop and post a new message with new Subject
      ...Yahoo has a nice 'message thread' feature, if the topic changes do not reply, post a new message to start a new thread

      - Delete 'all' original message text when you reply - selectively quote very few lines as needed, delete 'everything' else
      ...if you include more than a couple lines, or your reply text is less than the original, probably including to much

      - Email Delivery Users, set the Group email address in your system to "Plain Text Only", to avoid HTML code issues

      - For Sale or Wanted messages are welcome, start with "For Sale" or "Wanted" in the Subject and end the message with "contact me via email off-list"
      ...include details, prices if you want, and email contact information - after sold, reply to your own message to say "sold"

      - Before posting a new question, take a minute to search the Message Base for base / recent inquiries on that same topic
      ...better to find the answer already discussed, else reply there to expand on that thread to ask more

      - Never include any foul language or possibly offensive comments or references

      - Never attack or slander, another person, product or company
      ...comments and comparison are ok, in good content and taste listing Pros and Cons is ok, use short facts not attacks

      - Never post any Political, Religious, or "did you know" type material
      ...if it is a "forward to everyone you know" message, do not send/post it here

      For the most part, many will consider these 'common sense' and will already have most practices in place. That 'Subject' line is important in being able to easy find previous information. Many continue to include the entire or to much of, the original message text - if not sure delete all of it. Have seen some issues with messages coming in via Email set as HTML and showing code. For Sale and Wanted, easy enough but most forget to tell us its sold after.

      Please try to follow the guidelines to help improve our message base. The better messages you submit, the better the message base will be.

      Any questions or comments, please email me off-list to discuss.... Frolin@...

      Frolin Marek
      AirWire Group Moderator
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