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1452Re: Just installed a Drop in Geep 9...

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  • tommymejia
    May 17, 2014
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      To set the loco's address with a T9000

      T9000 on and loco to be set on.

      Press SPR

      $ sign and SPR will be flashing on screen

      Press SEL

      Flashing will stop

      Press * 

      Press 1

      Press  *

      press #

      enter desired address like loco number (28 for example)

      Press #

      Decoder will beep twice for addresses 1 - 99 and 3 times for higher than 99

      Press SPR

      To change frequency on a T9000

      Press SEL

      Press 1

      Antenna icon will start flashing

      Enter frequency number (1-15)

      Press #


      Rio Gracie

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