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1450Just installed a Drop in Geep 9...

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  • madwolf4149
    May 15, 2014
      and all I can get it to do is go forward and back.  I'd be happy if I could just get the lights to turn on (yes, they worked in analog DC, just before I opened it up).
      The Drop In is one of the newer ones, based on the G3 board, that I got from Jonathan Bielse.  The green and red LEDs come on, as advertised. 
      The 3 books that came with the board seem to contradict each other, and none of them seem to solve the puzzle.
      I use the T9000 throttle.  No sound, yet.
      I had no trouble with the install.
      Which buttons do I push, and in what sequence, to turn on the lights, and to set the frequency and address?
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